2009-07-28T06:40:58.934708Z v0_060

  2009-07-28 06:39:31 (r201) by rcaputo
  Makefile.PL M; lib/POE/Stage.pm M; t/01_all_call_types.t M

    Use latest POE. Prepare for new distribution. Fix tests to match
    latest changes

  2009-07-27 05:01:45 (r200) by rcaputo
  examples/01_basics.perl M; examples/candygram.perl M;
  examples/attributes.perl M; Makefile.PL M; lib/POE/Stage.pm M;
  lib/POE/Request.pm M

    Added a machine-readable repository directory to the distribution.
    Documented the bug tracker, repository, and other resource URLs.
    Add an on_init() callback to rectify some scope issues. 

  2009-07-15 20:50:50 (r199) by rcaputo
  lab/less-indirection/patterns.pod M

    Include Torsten Raudssus' comment about Javascript's DOM and XPath

  2009-07-08 21:57:49 (r198) by rcaputo
  lab/less-indirection/patterns.pod M

    Add a to-do: divide into descriptive and prescriptive sections.

  2009-07-08 21:56:21 (r197) by rcaputo
  lab/less-indirection/patterns.pod M

    Document the old reflexive data members idea. 

  2009-06-29 07:08:39 (r196) by rcaputo
  lab/less-indirection/patterns.pod M

    Document the documentation and solicit contributions.

  2009-06-29 06:30:42 (r195) by rcaputo
  lab/less-indirection/patterns.pod M

    Clarify continuations a bit. The framework uses a slightly different
    kind of continuation than people probably expect.

  2009-06-29 06:15:19 (r194) by rcaputo
  lab/less-indirection/patterns.pod M

    Scrape more POE::Stage off some of the latter document. Discuss
    helper proxies in a little more depth. Start exploring metaphors for
    the final naming. Discuss XPath as a way to find object, and then the
    reasons why it shouldn't be used. Ask some open-ended questions about
    Moose as an implementation technology. 

  2009-06-28 06:07:01 (r193) by rcaputo; lab/xml-registry.pl M

    Searching by role is probably the most common use case. Promote roles
    from attributes to the xml tags. 

  2009-06-28 02:51:36 (r192) by rcaputo
  lab/xml-registry.pl A; lab/less-indirection/Object.pm M;
  lab/less-indirection/patterns.pod M

    Implement an XML registry protytpe, entirely for the ability to find
    objects with XPath. Finish the latest editing pass on the framework
    documentation, and begin transcribing paper notes developed in the

  2009-06-23 08:34:02 (r191) by rcaputo
  lab/less-indirection/patterns.pod M

    Make the discussions of messaging patterns and continuations more
    abstract. Still needs more work, of course. 

  2009-06-22 08:23:05 (r190) by rcaputo
  lab/less-indirection/patterns.pod M

    Restructure so basic concepts come first. Edit for clarity. Not done,
    of course. 

  2009-06-20 22:08:17 (r189) by rcaputo
  lab/less-indirection/README M; lab/less-indirection/patterns.pod A

    Add the growing paterns document. 

  2009-06-20 08:17:45 (r188) by rcaputo
  lab/less-indirection/detach.t A; lab/less-indirection/README M;
  lab/less-indirection/Object.pm M

    Explore self-management. Added children(), manage() and abandon()
    methods to the base class. 

  2009-06-19 16:14:30 (r187) by rcaputo
  lab/less-indirection/Delay.pm M; lab/less-indirection/usecase.pl M

    Add an auto_repeat option for delays, 'cause why not? 

  2009-06-19 08:37:05 (r186) by rcaputo
  lab/less-indirection/Delay.pm A; lab/less-indirection/README A;
  lab/less-indirection A; lab/less-indirection/Object.pm A;
  lab/less-indirection/usecase.pl A

    Add an lab where we use the call stack to find out which object
    created a helper. 

  2009-06-11 06:46:03 (r185) by rcaputo; MANIFEST M; Makefile.PL M

    Administrivia. Set the new dependency on Hash::Util::FieldHash, and
    remove POE::Stage::TiedAttributes from the MANIFEST. 

  2009-06-11 06:44:27 (r184) by rcaputo
  lib/POE/Request/Recall.pm M; lib/POE/Request/Upward.pm M;
  lib/POE/Callback.pm M; lib/POE/Stage/TiedAttributes.pm D;
  lib/POE/Stage.pm M; lib/POE/Request.pm M

    Replace POE::Stage::TiedAttributes with Hash::Util::FieldHash. 

2009-04-27T07:22:26.093569Z v0_05

  2009-04-27 07:21:50 (r182) by rcaputo
  examples/moostage.perl D; lib/POE/Stage/TiedAttributes.pm M;
  lib/POE/Stage.pm M

    Remove moostage.perl from examples. It lives in the lab for now. Work
    around the Perl segfault plaguing 0.04. 

  2009-04-27 07:07:30 (r181) by rcaputo; lab/moosestage_actors.perl M

    Fix a typo.

  2008-12-20 07:18:43 (r180) by rcaputo; lab/moostage.perl A

    Borrow liberally from moosestage_actor.perl, but not quite assimilate
    the actors themselves. I'm not sure it's good to make actors 1:1 with
    these objects.
    Get my MooseX::AttributeHelpers on. They're kinda nifty. 

  2008-12-20 07:15:17 (r179) by rcaputo; lab/moosestage_actors.perl M

    Minor changes. Add a bit of vim configuration so I don't blow the
    author's style. Make actor IDs a bit more unique. 

  2008-12-20 05:30:40 (r178) by perigrin; lab/moosestage_actors.perl M

    add optimization for collecting messages

  2008-12-20 03:22:43 (r177) by perigrin; lab/moosestage_actors.perl M

    move actors up into the namespace

  2008-12-20 03:03:13 (r176) by rcaputo; examples/moostage.perl M

    Flesh out the dispatcher with some ideas that might find their way
    back into POE::Loop. 

  2008-12-20 02:56:44 (r175) by perigrin; lab/moosestage_actors.perl A

    refactor moosestage into an actor model

  2008-12-15 22:39:06 (r174) by rcaputo; examples/moostage.perl A

    Add for tracking. 

  2008-12-15 16:20:18 (r173) by rcaputo; Makefile.PL M

    Keep UTF8 out of the README, because that messes up the SYNOPSIS.

  2008-12-05 07:57:10 (r172) by rcaputo
  examples/self-requesting-stage.perl M; lib/POE/Callback.pm M;
  examples/tut-010-app.perl A; lib/POE/Stage.pm M; lib/POE/Request.pm M

    Get self-requesting-stage.perl working again.
    Implement pass_to() but do not document it. The docs are a bit
    outdated anyway, and pass_to() may not be final.
    Create a basic tutorial around the "hello, world!" synopsis example. 

End of Excerpt