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Author image Barrie Slaymaker

Changes for version 0.32

  • fix eval { return } thinko in X::S::Machine::parse(), reported by Rick Frankel <rick@rickster.com>.
  • test for $class->can( "new" ) before doing eval "require $class" awkward code highlighted by christian.glahn@uibk.ac.at
  • Added diagnositc errors for undef or '' filter names
  • Added t/10bad_machine.t
  • Prevent unresolvable filters from causing later, additional, confusing error messages.
  • Add test to make sure an "empty derived class" can be specced by name (this worked ok before and now; just added a test).


Multipass processing of documents
Multipass processing of documents
Assemble multiple SAX streams in to one document
Send SAX events to multiple processor, with switching
Record oriented processing of (data) documents
SAX event names, creation of methods from templates
Manage a collection of SAX processors
manage collections of SAX processors
rarely needed config routines.
Multipass processing of documents
Manage a linear pipeline of SAX processors
Tap a pipeline of SAX processors


in lib/XML/SAX/Machine.pm
in lib/XML/SAX/Machines/ConfigDefaults.pm
in lib/XML/SAX/Machines/ConfigHelper.pm