CHANGES file for XML::Filter::Dispatcher

0.52 Wed Jun  4 15:57:20 EDT 2003
    - Alpha release of XML::Filter::Dispatcher::Compiler
    - {start,end}_prefix_mapping now handled properly
    - Use newer Parse::Yapp to make CPAN happy (Parse::Yapp embeds its
      version number in generated parsers, CPAN finds it and
      misconstrues it as the generated parser's version number.  If you
      have Parse::Yapp installed on several machines and they aren't all
      at the same version number, this can cause "retrograde version
      numbers", as Randal Schwartz calls them).

0.51 Sat May 31 07:17:29 EDT 2003
    - Add XFDSHOWBUFFERHIGHWATER so you can tell which events are
      causing the most buffering
    - Add SetXValue => 0 option to speed things up if no xvalue* calls
    - Add SortAttributes => 0 option to speed things up if attr order
      does not need to be repeatable or stable.
    - More common-case optimizations

0.5 Mon May 26 03:38:46 EDT 2003
    - Optimizer speeds some common cases drastically
    - more efficient code
    - end:: is now a nickname for end-element::, the old meaning
      was too confusing and awkward.
    - start:: is now a nickname for start-element::, the old meaning
      was too confusing and awkward.
    - Misc. bugfixes

    - xset() now tracks the name of what was set to avoid setting anything
      twice instead of checking definedness.
    - added xstack_max()
    - Remove abandoned debug code.

0.47 Mon Jan 27 15:21:37 EST 2003
    - Rebuild with a new (1.05) Parse::Yapp so that X:F:D:Parser is not
    advertising a 1.02 $VERSION due to the VERSION of Parse::Yapp being
    inserted at an inopportune place.

0.46 Fri Jan 10 09:13:37 EST 2003
    - Updated SYNOPSIS, it was badly out of date and tripped up, as seen on perlmonks (thanks, Matt).
    - Get '@node:*' => [ 'string()' => sub {} ] working, along with
      other related expressions.

0.45 Fri Jan  3 14:56:23 EST 2003
    - Replace xset_fallthrough() with the much more flexible
      xrun_next_action().  The latter is a more informative name,
    - xset() now croaks when overwriting a defined value.
    - Added xoverwrite() to allow defined values to be overwritten.
    - Empty Rules lists now work (ie do nothing).
    - Unbuggered postponements a bit.  See t/postponements.t for a
      couple of known failures (commented out).

0.44 Tue Dec 31 10:40:20 EST 2002
    - Added bin/xfd_dump
    - xvalue now defaults to $_[1] (the sax data structure) if
      the rule was a matching expression.
    - added xvaluetype() (NEEDS TESTS!)
    - Handle default namespace more gracefully.  Added t/namespaces.t
    - implemented xset_fallthrough().

0.43 Tue Dec 31 00:48:16 EST 2002
    - Allow '@*' => [ 'string()' => \&foo ] rules to work.
    - Allow 'end::foo' rules to work
    - Add tracing support to xstack directives.
    - The xstack is now unwound after every non-start_ event.
    - start_element and end_element no longer accidently hide
      events from the xstack maintenance code.

    - Add XML::SAX::EventMethodMaker to PREREQ_PM
    - Added xadd and xset.

0.41 Fri Dec 20 09:54:02 EST 2002
    - Fix attribute ordering sensitivity on perl's hash algorithm.  This
      gets the test suite to pass and might help somebody somewhere's
      production code to operate in a predictable fashion across perl
    - string( * ) now compiles (and works :)
    - get xstack synced with the order events.
    - add t/builder.t

0.4 Thu Dec 12 06:32:24 EST 2002
    - Major rewrite.  Now supports most of XPath plus EventPath goodies.