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    VCP::DiffFormat - special diff format for VCP


    diff $a, $b { STYLE => "VCP::DiffFormat" };


This is a plugin output formatter for Text::Diff that generates "unified" style diffs without headers. VCP::Dest::revml uses this to output differences for several reasons:

  • The Unix diff command is not available on all platforms by default, specifically WinNT.

  • The two line "file header" is not needed in RevML, since the meta information is captured elsewhere in the <rev> element, and the name and mtime of the files being compared is irrellevant; they're just some temporary files somewhere

  • Because RevML offers MD5 hashes of the file to verify that a diff was applied properly, all of the "-" lines present in a normal unified diff are not necesssary. They are left in now for ease of debugging with RevML files, but may be stripped out to conserve space.


Copyright 2000, Perforce Software, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

This module and the VCP package are licensed according to the terms given in the file LICENSE accompanying this distribution, a copy of which is included in vcp.


Barrie Slaymaker <>

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