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gentrevml - Generate a .revml file used by the t/ scripts


   perl bin/gentrevml --(revml|p4|cvs) [--bootstrap] [--batch=1]


The test suite uses a bas RevML file to check to see vcp it can copy in to and out of a repository correctly. This is done for each repository class.

Note that going through a repository may lose some information, so the test suite can't always compare the input RevML to the output RevML.

Only the revml->revml case is known to be idempotent.

I chose to do this over using some base repository because not every user is going to happen to have that repository, and (2) not every repository will pass through all information correctly.

Copyright 2000, Perforce Software, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

This will be licensed under a suitable license at a future date. Until then, you may only use this for evaluation purposes. Besides which, it's in an early alpha state, so you shouldn't depend on it anyway.


Barrie Slaymaker <>