*NOTE* Doing a `grep -r TODO lib bin` will find lots of small things and
future feature ideas.  This file will grow to include the more important
of those.

- Bugfixes
  - Check for p4 >= 99.2 at runtime, since filelog -m is needed
  - Carry executable bit through (Nick Ing-Simmons)
  - Make <rev_root> and <name> escape their characters
  - VCP::Dest::cvs needs to set the binary mode properly on files it creates
    and checks in
  - VCP::Source::cvs needs to deduce binary modes correctly
  - Make test suite use an alternate port for p4d so multiple make test
    instances can be run in parallel
  - Make test suite skip cvs tests if cvs is not present (like it skips p4
    tests if p4 is not present).

- Feature Adds
  - Need to make the transfers more transactional, so we can recover from where
    we left off when something fails.
  - Need to save some sort of state as to where the last export ended so the
    next one can start from there.
  - Offer compressed output for revml files a la tar's "z" option.
  - Consider offering <char code=0x00 repeat=34234> (david d zuhn

- Efficiency
  - The cvs drivers can be made faster

- Tests
  - rerooting revml->p4 to someplace deep in the p4 tree, to make sure that VCP
    is configuring p4 to map the files to the right place.