CHANGES for vcp - Version CoPy

0.26 Tue Dec 18 05:21:09 EST 2001
   - switched to use Text::Diff, no more Unix diff dependency.
     Added VCP::DiffFormat.
   - Added VCP:Patch.  No more unix patch dependency

   - Switched to an all-perl Diff::Unified instead of exec()ing the systems'
     diff.  This is for NT as well as to avoid tripping over old, featureless
     diffs (which hasn't yet occurred, but...) 
   - Built framework for VCP::Patch, including test suite.
   - VCP::Dest::*::handle_footer() now handle things ok when no revisions are
   - VCP::Dest::p4 now backfills the base rev when receiving an incremental
     update from a source other than VCP::Source::revml.  VCP::Source::revml
     reaches out and does the backfill itself; other sources don't, so
     VCP::Dest::p4 now does a sync (like a CVS checkout) and compares it to the
     version the source provides. TODO: Do the same for V::D::cvs.  Reported by
     Jerry Harmon <>.
   - VCP::Dest::p4 now inits itself properly when backfilling
   - Fix a few Perl nits ("$foo\_" => "${foo}_..."), patch submitted by Peter
     Prymmer <>.
   - VCP::Source::p4 now uses p4's -x option when getting all of the files in
     each label; no more huge command lines for that purpose.
   - VCP::Source::cvs tries to include revisions that -rTAG misses.  If a file
     has been added (or re-added) since the tag, "cvs log" will report all of
     it's revisions.  VCP::Source::cvs throws away any outside of the date
     range of the files that were tagged.  This is not perfect, but it had a
     bug and is now a little less imperfect.
   - Totally rewrite the sorting code, add --sort-by option for the revml
     destination so that the test suites can get vcp to generate .revml files
     in a sorted order matching that now generated by gentrevml (see below).
     This may seem trivial, but it's the only way to assure consistent output
     in test suites, which is a prerequisite for distributing this package.
     Could add it to other repositories, but not sure if that's needed, leaving
     it out for now to keep complexity and documentation simple and to reduce
     the number of features that future version might need to support for
     backcompat.  Can add it in as soon as a real world need shows up.
   - Added sort keys for (perldoc VCP::Dest for details):
     - change_id (happens to do a segment-wise compare just in case...)
     - time
     - comment
     - rev_id (using a segment-wise compare)
     - name (using a segment-wise relative path compare)
   - The rev_id and change_id sort keys both have several synonyms to make them
     mnemonic to people who happen to think of them differently.  The defaul
     sort keys are change_id, time, comment.  comment is useful for breaking
     apart mass commits in to changes.
   - Debug and optimize VCP::Dest::cvs.  `cvs commit` is very slow if files
     have been added or altered, so VCP::Dest::cvs now waits as long as
     possible before doing one.  It still needs to commit before (and after)
     deletes, among other things.  The result is a big speedup even on the test
     suite, which has a more abusive (more adds and deletes than normal)
     sequence of operations.
   - VCP::Dest::cvs now does not prematurely delete working files. This hints
     that VCP::Rev needs to not delete any file that is pointed to by another
     VCP::Rev instance, since VCP::Rev objects may not be DESTROYed quickly
     enough and may be deleting a newer version of a file they point to.
   - Add File::Temp to PREREQ_PM in Makefile.PL.  Older Perls don't come with
   - VCP::Source::cvs: beginnings of support for --cd to bypass the automatic
     workspace and use a user-supplied workspace.
   - Converted t/50revml.t to use VCP::TestUtils
   - Add revision number to the default sort comparison in VCP::Dest, remove
   - gentrevml now produces the test .revml files in name,rev_id order to make
     it easier for test scripts to compare them with the revml output generated
     during testing.
   - added t/01sort.t to test sorting
   - revamped t/90* and tweaked VCP::TestUtils to have slightly simpler p4 and
     cvs mgmt apis
   - added VCP::TestUtils::get_vcp_output to encapsulate the task of extracting
     revml files in gentrevml order.
   - Improved VCP::TestUtils::launch_p4d so it will hunt for a random numbered
     free port up to three times so that multiple test suites can be run at
   - Added VCP::Debug::explicitly_debugging() predicate to allow for
     low-priority but noisy debugging statements.  This predicate returns true
     only if the current package (or keywords passed in) exactly equal one of
     the debugging specs.  The more general predicage debugging() lets
     debugging specs be regexps, this one doesn't, meaning that you can
     sometimes get more detail by spelling out debugging specs instead of using
     that old standby ".*".  TODO: note on the list of possible specs that
     VCP::Debug can generate which words this is enabled for.
   - minor code consistency cleanups, include rename a few $r vars to $rev.

0.222 Tue Jul 31 08:49:00 EDT 2001
   - VCP::Dest::cvs now properly handles $r->comment being undef.  This can
     occur when there is no comment in the source repo (as opposed to a comment
     of ''). VCP::Source::p4 leaves $r->comment as undef when it can't parse
     some non-space chars out of the depot, which is a bit obnoxious, but
     VCP::Dest::cvs should handle it anyway.

0.221 Tue Jul 31 00:24:31 EDT 2001
   - The test suite now sets uid, euid, and the LOGNAME env. var. when run
     logged in as (or "su -"ed to) root to avoid the dreaded cvs error "cannot
     commit files as 'root'". This imposes an unfortunate order on the non-cvs
     test suites in that cvs must be initted before any other repositories,
     since it changes uid and euid.  If the other repos were initted before
     setting the uid and euid, then they might not have permission to access
     the files in question.  NOTE: the only reason we have to set the uid is to
     keep perl from whining about -I when running setuid. I think cvs would be
     happy if we just tweaked euid, since that's all it checks.
   - The test suite now uses temporary dirs starting with "vcp$$\_" (eg
     "vcp2132_cvs_cvswork") to hold the repositories and workspaces needed.
     This makes it more obvious that they were created by vcp, in the event
     that something bombs out and they don't get cleaned up.
   - vcp now cleans up after itself a little better: the /tmp/vcp234
     directories (which look like but are not related to the ones mentioned
     above used by the test suite) are now deleted when vcp exits normally.

0.22 - Sun Jul 22 23:52:46 EDT 2001
   - VCP::Source::p4 now uses VCP::Utils::p4::parse_p4_repo_spec().
     No functionality changes.
   - Created VCP::Utils::cvs to enable...
   - ...VCP::Source::cvs now checks out the appropriate module so the user
     does not need to have a checked-out version.
   - VCP::Dest::cvs no longer offers the --rev-root option, or any options
     at all for that matter.
   - The scheme and filespec are now stored in VCP::Plugin by
     VCP::Plugin::parse_repo_spec(), for ease of access and consistency.
   - Got rid of the overly funky VCP::Plugin::AUTOLOAD(). This used to
     emulate a class method that would run an external program of the
     same name as the method after that name was registered with the
     VCP::Plugin instance.  Too baroque, now the VCP::Utils::foo classes
     provide however many invocation methods are needed to both
     VCP::Source::foo and VCP::Dest::foo.

0.21 - Fri Jul 20 23:08:43 EDT 2001
   - Fixed VCP::Dest::p4; it was adding too many directories to a file, so
     files ended up with the first directory or two repeated. reported by david
     d zuhn <>
   - Cleaned up undefined var use in VCP::Utils::p4, reported by david d zuhn
   - Fixed VCP::Dest::revml's decision making so it will choose base64 encoding
     when faced with lots of NULs on input.  Reported by david d zuhn
   - Added a couple of compression thoughts for revml output to TODO.
   - Reworked VCP::Dest::revml's base64 encoding logic to be more efficient in
     time and in generated output.
   - Changed the test suite to use base64 for the "binary" file, and to use
     character codes from 0x00 to 0x07 in rotation to make sure binary data
     goes through ok.
   - refactored 90p4.t and 90cvs.t into VCP::TestUtils to make test maint.
     easier.  Now you don't have to be clinically insane to work on the test
     suite.  At least not all the time.
   - Added p4->revml, cvs->revml, cvs->p4->revml tests for the re-rooting

0.2 - Thu Jul 19 00:18:34 EDT 2001
   - *** VCP::Dest::p4 now uses a depot spec (//depot/...) instead of a file
     spec on the local filesystem.  This differs from VCP::Source::p4 until I
     can upgrade it. The p4 where command is no longer used.
   - *** VCP::Dest::p4 now uses it's own client view pointing in to the temp
     directory. This should solve the link() failures when going from cvs to
     p4, since VCP::Source::cvs and VCP::Dest::p4 will both use the same temp
     dir. This should also make normal usage a bit easier, since the user need
     not create a client spec, etc.
   - Altered labelsync to use p4's "-x -", now the huge lists of labelled files
     that david d zuhn <>'s CVS repository has are passed to p4
     on stdin instead of blowing up the command line.
   - VCP::Dest::p4 now passes absolute paths to the working files to p4
     labelsync instead of paths relative to rev_root. Reported by david d zuhn
   - Remove -f (force_missing) option from VCP::Source::cvs. It is now the
     default behavior. If need be, we can add an option to not force_missing in
     case extraneous files get brought along, but we'll wait for user demand.
   - Tweak deduce_rev_root algorithm to take the entire path given if no
     wildcards are present.
   - Added debug logging of command-line options, which is helpful when vcp is
     run by a script, such as our test scripts. Use the VCPDEBUG environment
     variable to enable this, set it to something like ".*" or "main".
   - Fixed documentation for --debug (the spec is required and it's not a
     shellish re, it's a perl5 re).
   - Fixed docs and comments for VCP::Source::cvs's -d options (was -D)
   - Deprecated the wacky VCP::Plugin::AUTOLOAD which was used to make things
     like $self->p4( [ options ], redirects ) work.  So far, only VCP::Dest::p4
     uses the new VCP::Plugin::run_safely() API, but the others will be
   - Added a VCP::Utils::p4 to contain code that is used by VCP::Dest::p4 and
     which will soon be used by VCP::Source::p4. Expect a VCP::Utils::cvs to
     come along, too.

0.1 Wed Jul  4 00:27:35 EDT 2001
   - Fix VCP::Dest::p4 to take the filespec from the p4:<dest> spec and
     use it as the rev_root.  No --rev-root option at this time, not sure
     if it's needed.  Reported by david d zuhn <>.

0.091 Thu Jun  7 08:32:15 EDT 2001
   - Fix bug in CVS log file parsing that was causing it to think it was seeing
     all revisions as revisions of the first file it saw ("====... lines were
     being ignored) as the first file. Reported by Matthew Attaway.

0.09 Thu May 24 17:15:38 EDT 2001
   - Debugged and beefed up the CVS log file parsing code.  It can still be
     fooled by revision comments (the "message" field) things that mimic 
     the output of `cvs log`, like a line beginning with the right number
     of "-" characters, but it's more robust.
   - Underscorify CVS tags. Reported by Matthew Attaway.
   - Only warn about undeleted files when in debugging mode, also
     reported by Matthew Attaway.  The warning's there because we
     don't want to use too much disk space, but it gets in the way
     when an exception is thrown, since the END {...} handlers kick in
     before some (often many) the VCP::Rev objects are DESTROYed.

0.08 Wed May 23 10:18:28 EDT 2001
   - Stop using p4 print -s, it puts a newline in every 4097 characters.
     Reported by Nick Ing-Simmons.
   - Require p4d >= 99.2 because we need filelog's -m option. Reported
     by Nick Ing-Simmons.  Updated t/90cvs.t, t/90p4.t, and
     lib/VCP/ to improve detection of stale p4ds.
   - Fix a "use strict" problem in lib/VCP/, reported
     by Nick Ing-Simmons.

0.07 Tue May 22 16:07:48 EDT 2001
   - Minnor documentation changes.

0.066 Mon May 21 10:34:50 EDT 2001
   - Remove PWD from the environment when calling the p4 command, so as to
     force it to use the cwd()
   - Improve logging of the directory the p4 command (and all commands) are
     being run in.
   - Many thanks to Matthew Attaway for help in finding and testing this one.

0.064 Tue May  8 11:26:11 EDT 2001
   - Some versions of patch have problems handling embedded NUL (\0x00)
     characters. Fixed gentrevml and VCP::Dest::revml to not generate
     deltas for files containing them. If a file contains a NUL, it will
     sent in it's entirety, though it might or might not be base64 encoded.

0.063 Tue Apr 24 23:57:28 EDT 2001
   - Fixed bug in parsing of repo specs (scheme:user:passwd@server:files)

0.062 Tue Apr 17 14:07:48 EDT 2001
   - Added the requirement to install expat first to INSTALL
   - Commented out the call to "vcp help" to prevent perldoc from whining
     when run as root.  Notified Brad Appleton, Pod::Usage's maintainer
     to see what might be done, but it's not a big deal for me unless
     an actual, real live user runs "vcp help" when logged in as root.
   - Converted shift to be CORE::shift in VCP::Revs, sinne perl 5.6.1
     now complains that it had to resolve shift as CORE::shift due to
     the sub shift in there.

0.061 Sun Apr 15 15:56:32 EDT 2001
   - Removed a couple of 5.6.0 dependancies
   - require perl 5.00503 in Makefile.PL, not sure how far back we could
     easily go.
   - Added logic to t/*.t to set -I more robustly by calling
     File::Spec->abs2rel on @INC and the path to bin/vcp and pass them
     on to child perls, so they could find their libraries.  This fixed
     a nasty chicken-and-egg problem whereby you could only run the tests
     after installing.
   - t/90cvs.t and t/90p4.t use File::Spec->tmpdir for the repositories
     and workspaces they build.  They also delete these temp dirs when
   - Made Makefile.PL require a minimum of XML::AutoWriter v.036

0.06 Wed Dec 20 23:19:15 EST 2000
   - bin/vcp: Added --versions, which loads all modules and checks them
     for a $VERSION and print the results out.  This should help with
     diagnosing out-of-sync modules.
   - Added $VERSION vars to a few modules :-).  Forgot to increment any
     $VERSION strings.
   - VCP::Dest::cvs: The directory "deeply" was not being `cvs add`ed on
     paths like "a/deeply/nested/file", assuming "deeply" had no files
     in it.
   - VCP::Dest::revml: fixed a bug that was causing files with a lot of
     linefeeds to be emitted in base64 instead of deltaed.  This means
     most text files.
   - Various minor cleanups of diagnostics and error messages, including
     exposing "Can't locate" when a VCP::Source or VCP::Dest
     module depends on a module that's not installed, as reported by
     Jeff Anton.  

0.05 Mon Dec 18 07:27:53 EST 2000
   - Use `p4 labels //...@label` command as per Rober Cowham's suggestion, with
     the '-s' flag recommended by Christopher Siewald and  Though it's actually something like 
       vcp: running /usr/bin/p4 -u safari -c safari -p localhost:5666 -s files
       //.../NtLkly //...@compiler_a3 //.../NtLkly //...@compiler_may3
     and so //on //for 50 parameters to get the speed up.  I use the
     //.../NtLkly "file" as //a separator between the lists of files in various
     //revisions.  Hope nobody has any files named that :-).  What I should do
     is choose a random label that doesn't occur in the labels list, I guess.
   - VCP::Source::revml and VCP::Dest::revml are now binary, control code, and
     "hibit ASCII" (I know, that's an oxymoron) clean.  The <comment>, <delta>,
     and <content> elements now escape anything other than tab, line feed,
     space, or printable chars (32 <= c <= ASCII 126) using a tag like '<char
     code="0x09">'.  The test suite tests all this.  Filenames should also
     be escaped this way, but I didn't get to that.
   - The decision whether to do deltas or encode the content in base64 is now
     based on how many characters would need to be escaped.
   - We now depend on the users' diff program to have a "-a" option to force it
     to diff even if the files look binary to it.  I need to use and
     adapt it for use on binary data.
   - VCP::Dest::cvs now makes sure that no two consecutive revisions of the
     same file have the same mod_time.  VCP::Source::p4 got so fast at pulling
     revisions from the repositories the test suite sets up that CVS was not
     noticing that files had changed.
   - VCP::Plugin now allows you to set a list of acceptable result codes, since
     we now use p4 in ways that make it return non-zero result codes.
   - VCP::Revs now croaks if you try to add two entries of the same VCP::Rev
     (ie matching filename and rev_id).
   - The <type> tag is now limited to "text" or "binary", and is meant to
     pass that level of info between foreign repositories.
   - The <p4_info> on each file now carries the one line p4 description of
     the file so that p4->p4 transferes can pick out the more detailed
     info.  VCP::Source::p4, VCP::Dest::p4 do this.
   - VCP::{Source,Dest}::{p4,cvs} now set binaryness on added files properly,
     I think.  For p4->p4, the native p4 type is preserved.  For CVS sources,
     seeing the keyword substitution flag 'o' or 'b' implies binaryness, for
     p4, seeing a filetype like qr/u?x?binary/ or qr/x?tempobj/ or "resource"
     implies binaryness (to non-p4 destinations).  NOTE: Seeing a 'o' or 'b'
     in a CVS source only ends up setting the 'b' option on the destination.
     That should be ok for most uses, but we can make it smarter for cvs->cvs
     transfers if need be.

0.04 Tue Dec 12 00:15:57 EST 2000
   - Reorg of VCP::Source::p4
     - One large filelog command is run instead of many small ones.
       This takes advantage of the -m option to make sure enough changes
       are listed.  Many extra revisions of most files are probably
       listed, but listing and ignoring them is quicker than spawning p4
       over and over.  Wish p4 filelog had a revision range...
     - it now doesn't suck the entire filelog output in to memory, it
       parses it line by line as it's emitted from the `p4 filelog`
     - `p4 print` is now used to print a bunch of files at once, using
       the header line to separate one file from the next, kind of like
       splitting a mime-encoded message.  There's a very slight chance
       that it will misjudge the boundary between two files if a file
       happens to have a line that looks very much like the header line
       for the next file.  This is pretty unlikely and I'll fix it if it
       crops up.  I could batch them more, right now it never puts two
       revisions of the same filename in the same batch, for no really
       good reason.  Another method might be to batch 25 or 50 revs each
     - it turns out there's a problem spawning multiple p4 commands at
       the same time against the same p4d (p4d is 99.2, FWIW).  Or at
       least running large `p4 files ...` while there's a large `p4
       filelog` still also running.
     - filelog lines beginning with "... ..." are now ignored.  These
       are notifications of copy, branch, and integrate events that we
       don't yet do anything with.
     - deleted cur() and P4_CUR
     - deleted P4_IS_INCREMENTAL
   - Made an assertion in VCP::Dest::revml::handle_rev() a little
   - Added some ok(1) calls to 90p4.t to make it easier to figure out
     which child process is whining or aborting
   - Made the message that's printed when a subcommand emits unexpected
     output say "stderr" instead of "stdout".
   - Cleaned up documentation for VC::Plugin::work_path().

0.03 Sun Dec 10 13:14:07 EST 2000
   - Cleaned up VCP::Source::p4 a bit.  It doesn't whine as much now
     when it sees what it considers to be old news in the log file.
   - Added an easy way to monitor the commands being issued to a
     repository: simply add "::cmd" to the debug spec for that source:

	vcp -d Source::cvs::cvs
        vcp -d Dest::p4::p4

   - The next step is to use the -m option to p4 filelog to speed things

0.02 Tue Dec  5 01:20:31 EST 2000
   - VCP::Dest::p4 now does change number aggregation based on the
     comment field changing or whenever a new revision of a file with
     unsubmitted changes shows up on the input stream.  Since revisions of
     files are normally sorted in time order, this should work in a number
     of cases.  I'm sure we'll need to generalize it, perhaps with a time
     thresholding function.
   - t/90cvs.t now tests cvs->p4 replication.
   - VCP::Dest::p4 now doesn't try to `p4 submit` when no changes are
   - VCP::Rev now prevents the same label from being applied twice to
     a revision.  This was occuring because the "r_1"-style label that
     gets added to a target revision by VCP::Dest::p4 could duplicate
     a label "r_1" that happened to already be on a revision.
   - Added t/00rev.t, the beginnings of a test suite for VCP::Rev.
   - Tweaked bin/gentrevml to comment revisions with their change number
     instead of using a unique comment for every revision for non-p4
     t/test-*-in-0.revml files.  This was necessary to test cvs->p4

0.01 Sat Dec  2 23:10:43 EST 2000
   - First public release.  Moderately functional alpha code.  Supports
     p4, cvs, RevML.  Expect APIs, UIs and enerthing else to change before
     things settle down.