Author image Barrie Slaymaker

Changes for version 0.26

  • switched to use Text::Diff, no more Unix diff dependency. Added VCP::DiffFormat.
  • Added VCP:Patch. No more unix patch dependency


Copy versions of files between repositories and/or RevML


A subclass of XML::Doctype
Write RevML files using the RevML DTD
Versioned Copy, copying hierarchies of versioned files
debugging support for VCP
A base class for VCP destinations
cvs destination driver
p4 destination driver
Outputs versioned files to a revml file
special diff format for VCP
Apply the (almost) unified diffs used in RevML
A base class for VCP::Source and VCP::Dest
VCP's concept of a revision
A collection of VCP::Rev objects.
A base class for repository sources
A CVS repository source
A Perforce p4 repository source
Outputs versioned files to a revml file
support routines for VCP testing
utilities for dealing with the cvs command
utilities for dealing with the p4 command


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in lib/RevML/Doctype/
in lib/RevML/Doctype/