Changes file for Text::Diff

0.31 Wed Feb  6 05:36:47 EST 2002
    - Remove stray $SIG{__DIE__} that was confessing on every die.

0.3 Undocumented (sorry)

0.11 Mon Dec 10 06:23:00 EST 2001
    - Remove hardcoded date string from t/general.t's test data, because
      localtime is used to generate this in and the local machine's
      timezone (and locale?) can cause the localtime for a given mtime to be
      quite different.  Reported by  Andreas Marcel Riechert
      <> of cpan-testers.
    - Start this Changes file.
    - Added hunk_header() and hunk_footer() for symmetry in overloading.
    - Added t/ext_format.t

    - Initial public release.
    - Added filename, filehandle, and string I/O options
    - API resembles Algorithm::Diff's a bit more
    - Reimplement output formats as classes so that external (user-supplied)
      can be specified as class names (My::Diff::Format) and so that they may
      be inherited from.  Should probably break out hunk_header() from hunk().
    - Add footer() to all formats