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StateML::Arc - A transition between states


An arc is a transition between states; they occur by default or on certain events.

A loopback arc is an arc that transits from a state back to itself.

Arcs can have handlers, either explicitly using one or more <handler>s or by reference to an <action> using an action-id attribute (we need to allow arcs to have multiple actions at some point).

Arcs can contain an <event>, in which case the <arc>'s event-id= is automatically read from the <event> (which in turn may omit it and let StateML::Machine assign one).

Default from/to state ids.

On parsing, <arc> elements may appear in <state> elements. When they do, the from= and/or to= attributes may be omitted; they will default to the parent state's id.

METHODS (incomplete, see the source, luke)


Returns the event for this arc, if set.


Returns the event_id if set. If not set (undef), returns the default event's ID if it is present in the machine. Note that "" is a not valid id.


Returns the name if set. If not set, returns the name of the event_id event (if that's set). Note that "" is a valid name.


Like StateML::Object::attribute, but inherits from the event.


Like StateML::Object::attributes, but inherits from all handlers and then the event.



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