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Changes for version 0.70

  • Massive performance improvements on Win32 See IPC::Run::Win32Helper's optimize() documentation.
    • moved data pump routine to IPC::Run::Win32Pump, now it loads much faster.
    • Where reasonably safe to do so, temporary files are used instead of pipes+pumps.
    • Setting $ENV{IPCRUNDEBUG}="notopt" can help find opportunities for optimizing. See IPC::Run::Debug for details.
  • Added 'noinherit => 1' option (parsed like 'debug => "basic") to allow stdin, stdout, and stderr to not be inherited by the child.
  • Factored debugging out in to IPC::Run::Debug so Win32Pump.pm need not load IPC::Run to get it.
  • Debugging code can be compile-time optimized away by setting $ENV{IPCRUNDEBUG} = "none" (or 0) before IPC::Run::Debug is first loaded causes all _debug... code to be optimized away before runtime.
  • Moved some functionality from IPC::Run in to IPC::Run::IO to allow IPC::Run::Win32IO to alter IPC::Run's behavior. More of this should happen; IPC::Run has grown too bloaty.
  • All the hokey hacky "manual imports" of IPC::Run's old _debug...() functions has been replaced by "use IPC::Run::Debug".
  • All the hokey hacky "manual imports" of IPC::Run's Win32_MODE() constant has been replaced by importing it from IPC::Run.
  • Cleaned up IPC::Run::Win32*'s debugging levels a bit to unclutter "basic" and "data" debugging level output.
  • exception handling in _open_pipes no longer silently eats exceptions.


system() and background procs w/ piping, redirs, ptys (Unix, Win32)
debugging routines for IPC::Run
I/O channels for IPC::Run.
Timer channels for IPC::Run.
helper routines for IPC::Run on Win32 platforms.
helper routines for IPC::Run on Win32 platforms.
helper processes to shovel data to/from parent, child