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Author image Karl Williamson
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Changes for version 3.42 - 2020-10-09

  • Factorize tests functions in one helper module, Nicolas Rochelmagne++
  • Support =head5, =head6, John M. Gamble++
  • Support SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH, Bernhard M. Wiedemann++
  • Enforce warnings for tests, Nicolas Rochelmagne++
  • Add github CI, atoomic++
  • suppress "UTF-16 surrogate 0xd800" warning, Shoichi Kaji++

Changes for version 3.42 - 2020-11-10

  • Drop EUMM version prereq, Graham Knop++


write a formatter as a Pod::Simple subclass


framework for parsing Pod
check the Pod syntax of a document
put Pod::Simple into trace/debug mode
dump Pod-parsing events as text
turn Pod into XML
convert Pod to HTML
convert several Pod files to several HTML files
just the Pod, the whole Pod, and nothing but the Pod
represent "section" attributes of L codes
turn Pod::Simple events into method calls
a pull-parser interface to parsing Pod
end-tokens from Pod::Simple::PullParser
start-tokens from Pod::Simple::PullParser
text-tokens from Pod::Simple::PullParser
tokens from Pod::Simple::PullParser
format Pod as RTF
find POD documents in directory trees
parse Pod into a simple parse tree
format Pod as plaintext
get the text content of Pod
format Pod as validating XHTML
turn Pod into XML


in lib/Pod/Simple/BlackBox.pm
in lib/Pod/Simple/HTMLLegacy.pm
in lib/Pod/Simple/Progress.pm
in lib/Pod/Simple/TiedOutFH.pm
in lib/Pod/Simple/Transcode.pm
in lib/Pod/Simple/TranscodeDumb.pm
in lib/Pod/Simple/TranscodeSmart.pm