Changes for version 0.010

  • Docs: added new CPAN::Local::Manual Docs: fixed oboslete docs for P::PackagesDetails


Execute commands against a local mirror
How to assemble your custom repository


Hack custom CPAN repos
CPAN::Local's App::Cmd
Initialize an empty repository
Base distribution class
Allow distributions to be fetched from remote uris
Calculate checksums for a distribution
Read a distribution's metadata
CPAN::DistnameInfo for a distribution
MVP assembler for CPAN::Local
Base class for plugins
[DEPRECATED] Update index files
Inject a distribution into the repo
Update 01mailrc.txt
Update 02packages.details.txt
Remove orphan files
Do something after updates complete
Select distributions to add
Initialize an empty repo
Add selected distributions to a repo
Remove distributions from selection list
Remove distributions from the repo