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3.08	2012-02-28

	Bug Fixes
	* Carp 1.25 now has one dot more, addapt regexp matching $@ to cope with it.

3.07	2010-10-15

	Bug Fixes
	* Solved problem with test scripts: 
	  done_testing() requires Test::More 0.96

3.06	2010-10-12

	Bug Fixes
	* Solved problem with test scripts: 
	  Bareword "done_testing" not allowed while "strict subs" in use

3.05	2010-08-14

	Bug Fixes
	* Test FAIL ParseTemplate-3.04 v5.6.2 Linux due to different error message
	  for mal-formed regexp

3.04	2010-08-13

	Bug Fixes
	* Solve RT #58128: regular expression parsing is broken for some special characters

3.03	2010-04-03

	Bug Fixes
	* Solve warning: v-string in use/require non-portable 
	  at blib/lib/Parse/ line 3.

3.02	2010-03-26

	Bug Fixes
	* Solve RT #55977 (parse::template should not be part of parselex)
	* Bump version number to force re-index, after new ParseLex was uploaded 
	  without Parse::Template

3.01	2010-03-26

	Bug Fixes
	* Ignore whitespace in the comparison run in the tests, to avoid tests breaking caused by
	  blanks at the end of result lines or CR-LF vs LF differences.
	* Add -Iblib/lib to all test program executions, so that our library is used in the test;
	  otherwise tests fail if Parse::Template is not already installed in the machine

3.00	2010-03-25

	Bug Fixes
	* Bump version to 3.00, to be higher than the last ParseLex version that 
	  had it own (older) version of Parse::Template (2.18).
	  This older version does not compile in Perl 5.11 due to the usage of a
	  deprecated feature : Use of inherited AUTOLOAD for non-method %s() is deprecated
	  A new ParseLex will be uploaded without the older Parse::Template inside, and with a 
	  dependency to this Parse::Template instead.
	* Updated the existing English translation of the POD from the older version, replaced
	  the French POD by the English one.
	* Minor changes due to warnings.

0.37	2001-06-13

	* Last version published by the original author, Philippe Verdret.