0.07	2019-07-07

	Bug Fixes
	* Allow calls outside of the code being analysed, e.g. calling the system ROM
	  Thank you to Klaus Richter for reporting
	* Wrong disassembly of list of 16-bit words that may be labels
	  Thank you to Neal Crook for reporting and suggesting a fix

	* Update to be compatible with CPU::Z80::Assembler 2.18
	  Uses C-like escapes and double-quoted strings

0.06	2019-03-17

	Bug Fixes
	* Update tests to allow for the refactor of File::Slurp
	  With thanks to the Pull Request author: Chase Whitener

	* Use Class::Accessor instead of Class::XSAccessor to remove
	  dependencies from XS modules.

0.06	2017-05-21
	New features
	* Add disassembly control files to allow iterative disassembly sessions
	  Change output format of constants from 0xFD to $FD.
	  Add a space between operands, ld a, $FD.
	  Add defb2 for data to be shown in binary, %11111101.

0.05	2015-12-29
	* Add link to git repository

0.04	2011-03-24
	Bug Fixes
	* t/Memory.t failed test on non-US locale due to different $! error message.

0.03	2010-11-28
	Bug Fixes
	* Tests fail when CPU::Z80::Assembler is installed, but version is old, 
	  (e.g. 'equ' not recognized)

0.02	2010-11-25
	Bug Fixes
	* Tests fail when CPU::Z80::Assembler not installed
	* Tests fail due to line ending differences in output and benchmark files
	* z80dis fixed

0.01	2010-11-21
        First version