Yancy Example - Limited Editor

This example has a second instance of the Yancy editor with limited capabilities: The "editor" user is only allowed to edit the blog_posts schema, and only the title, content, and content_html fields. This prevents them from editing users or changing the (slug) URL or date of the blog posts. Additionally, a filter is installed to generate the (slug) URL from the title of the post (if necessary).

Run the Example

You will need to install Carton from CPAN. Then, from the eg/limited-editor directory:

$ carton install
$ carton exec ./myapp.pl daemon
Server available at

These users exist in the application:

  1. Username: admin, Password: admin - The administrator, who can view the primary Yancy editor at
  2. Username: editor, Password: editor - The editor, who can use the limited editor at
  3. Username: user, Password: user - A regular user, who is not allowed to see either editor.