title: Yancy
# Yancy

Yancy is a simple Content Management System written for [the Mojolicious web framework](http://mojolicious.org). Yancy includes:

* A basic content editor with support for multiple database systems
* Libraries and plugins to make developing content-driven Mojolicious websites easy and fun!

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## Documentation

[Read the documentation](/perldoc). If you have any questions, [open a Github issue](https://github.com/preaction/Yancy/issues) or [chat with us on IRC](https://kiwiirc.com/nextclient/#irc://irc.libera.chat/mojo-yancy?nick=yancy-guest-?)

## Articles

Here are some articles about Yancy.

* [Making a list with Yancy](https://mojolicious.io/blog/2018/12/06/making-a-list-with-yancy/) - How to make Santa's naughty/nice list with Yancy. From the 2018 Mojolicious Advent Calendar on [Mojolicious.io](http://mojolicious.io)
* [A Website for Yancy](https://mojolicious.io/blog/2018/12/17/a-website-for-yancy/) - How to make this documentation website using Yancy. From the 2018 Mojolicious Advent Calendar on [Mojolicious.io](http://mojolicious.io)
* [Start a New Yancy App](https://mojolicious.io/blog/2017/12/15/day-15-start-a-new-yancy-app/) - How to get started using Yancy. From the 2017 Mojolicious Advent Calendar on [Mojolicious.io](http://mojolicious.io)
* [A Static Backend for Yancy](https://mojolicious.io/blog/2019/06/02/yancys-static-backend/)