Changelog for Statocles

0.098     2021-04-11 15:05:42-04:00 America/Detroit


    - Fixed compatibility with Mojolicious 9. Thanks @ferki, @eserte,
      and @voegelas! [Github #602, #604, #605]
    - Fixed test failure due to YAML stringification changes. Thanks
      @voegelas! [Github #599, #602]
    - Fixed warning appearing from newer versions of Git about the
      default branch name. Thanks @voegelas! [Github #603]

0.097     2020-03-31 21:51:03-05:00 America/Chicago


    - Added `-l` and `-I <path>` options to add include directories to
      the `statocles` command. Thanks @ferki! [Github #597]

0.096     2019-12-05 10:24:21-06:00 America/Chicago


    - Added option to stop deployment if the link check fails. Thanks
      @ferki! [Github #594]

0.095     2019-10-11 22:15:19-05:00 America/Chicago


    - Added prev/next <link> tags to blog posts. Thanks
      @dertuxmalwieder! [Github #588]
    - Added option for the Lint plugin to stop the build upon error.
      Thanks @ferki! [Github #591]

0.094     2019-08-13 22:28:29-05:00 America/Chicago


    - Fixed 'log' method exception. Thanks @dnmfarrell and @wbazant!
      (Github #563)
    - Fixed Role::Tiny 2.000007 bug (by upgrading to 2.000008). Thanks
      @andk! (Github #579)

0.093     2018-03-30 17:29:15-05:00 America/Chicago


    - Fixed deploy objects failing to find necessary content during
      deploy. When deploying a site, we need to copy the entire site to
      a temporary directory first, because the deploy might lose access
      to the templates and other source files (if, for example, the site
      is deployed to a different git branch).

      This means the deploy API has changed again to take a path, not
      a list of pages. The deploy copies all the files from the path and
      then does what it needs.

0.092     2018-03-29 22:51:16-05:00 America/Chicago

    *** This version is broken, do not use ***


    - The API for deploy objects has changed. They now accept an
      arrayref of pages, not a store object to copy. This is an attempt
      to reduce the amount of filesystem operations Statocles needs to
      do during deploy (formerly it was once to build the site, then
      copy the whole site to the deploy).

    - The `build` and `deploy` methods of the Site object have been
      removed. The code to build and deploy a site has been moved to the
      Statocles::Command::build and Statocles::Command::deploy
      respectively. Site objects now have a `pages` method to get all
      the pages for the site.


    - Added new Statocles::Command system. The Statocles class is now
      the main entry point for the command-line application, which
      delegates to Statocles::Command subclasses. This makes building
      custom commands possible.

0.091     2018-03-27 16:51:32-05:00 America/Chicago


    - Fixed test failures when STDIN was attached to /dev/null during
      testing. Thanks @mohawk2!
    - Fixed test failures writing to site status file before
      `.statocles` directory is created

0.090     2018-03-26 12:06:38-05:00 America/Chicago


    - Fixed test failure with misspelled module name. Thanks @mohawk2!
      [Github #560]
    - Increased requirement on Test::Exception to hopefully stop some
      test failures.

0.089     2018-03-25 18:56:42-05:00 America/Chicago


    - Page objects now use Mojo::Path objects to define their paths.
      This fixes problems that prevented Statocles from working on
      Windows. Thanks @mohawk2!

    - Most Statocles::Store methods have been removed in favor of
      a single iterator that returns objects (either Statocles::Document
      objects for known Markdown files, or Statocles::File objects for
      all other files).

      This makes it easier to mock a Store for testing and to, in the
      future, allow for different document types.

    - We've removed the ability to define the `class` metadata in
      documents. This may be replaced with a map of file extension to
      document class in a later release.


    - Fixed multiple bugs and test failures on Windows. Thanks @mohawk2!
    - Slightly improved test performance by testing page objects without
      rendering HTML

0.088     2018-03-19 14:28:40-05:00 America/Chicago


    - Added next_page/prev_page attributes to list pages. These provide
      better access to the page data like title to make better links for
      users. The existing next/prev attributes only held paths, which
      made finding this information more difficult. Thanks @jberger!
      [Github #555]
    - Allow Link trees in navigations to support multi-level
      navigations. Thanks @jberger! [Github #553]


    - Fixed anchor-only links on the index page being rewritten to point
      to the wrong page. Thanks @jberger! [Github #554]
    - Moved some common attributes into a role to fix API differences
      between Document objects and Page objects. There is a lot more
      cleanup to be done in this regard, and we'll be doing that before
      pushing out v1.00.
    - Fixed problems running the user's editor when there are spaces in
      the path. Thanks @mohawk2! [Github #557]
    - Fixed some test failures with running the user's editor on Windows
      systems. Thanks @mohawk2! [Github #557]
    - Removed some useless editor error states that were causing
      spurious test failures for no good reason.

0.087     2017-11-28 14:43:46-06:00 America/Chicago


    - Added "blank" layout templates to the default and bootstrap
      themes. These templates have no adornment whatsoever, and are
      ideal for things like slide decks and pop-up windows.

    - Added 'diagram' plugin to generate diagrams from Mermaid,
      a JS-based diagram system ( Thanks
      @kiwiroy! [Github #525]

    - Added syntax highlighting to code sections in the Perldoc
      application. Thanks @kiwiroy!

0.086     2017-09-13 22:22:32-05:00 America/Chicago


    - Added `disable_content_template` attribute to document,
      application, and site objects. This allows a site to disable
      content template processing (in the rare case where the template
      processing is confused by the content).

0.085     2017-09-08 02:25:01-05:00 America/Chicago


    - Added the "dom" attribute to Statocles::Page. This caches the
      parsed HTML for the multiple transformations that must be
      performed. Hopefully this will speed up performance a little bit.

    - Added JSON frontmatter support. Now if the first character of
      a document is a `{`, the frontmatter will be treated as JSON. JSON
      can be a single line (the `}` end bracket must be at the end of
      the line) or multiple lines (the `}` end bracket must be on a line
      by itself).

0.084     2017-08-09 12:00:17-05:00 America/Chicago


    - The Store object now has a "files" method which gets the iterator
      over all the files in the store. This can then be easily
      overridden to get the list of files from another place: The
      configuration file, a manifest file, a database, or what-have-you.

      Thanks @djerius for the patch!

0.083     2017-01-31 16:44:17-06:00 America/Chicago


    - The new `statocles status` command shows you a quick status of
      your site, including the last time it was deployed and what date
      it was deployed up to (if different from the last date it was
      deployed). We will be adding more things to this later, so let us
      know if there are any statistics you'd like to know about your
      site! Thanks @perlancar [Github #516]

    - The `include` helper now accepts a `-raw` flag to disable the
      template renderer. This allows you to easily include Perl code and
      not have it mistaken for a template. Thanks justinQuiring on IRC
      for the bug report [Github #529]

      This isn't the end of this: We will likely fix the heuristics to
      ignore file types (extensions) that do not look like templates.
      This will be a breaking change, sorry.

0.082     2017-01-18 23:17:36-06:00 America/Chicago


    - The `highlight` plugin now accepts a `-style` option to override
      what stylesheet is used for the current highlighting block. This
      makes it easier for me to demonstrate the various highlighting
      stylesheets we have available in the documentation.

    - The new documentation is released on They are not yet
      fully-complete, but they are a lot friendlier than the previous
      docs (which are at


    - The `HTMLLint` plugin now appropriately adds the filename to every
      single lint message. It also uses the HTML::Lint API correctly to
      avoid any future warnings about using it incorrectly. Thanks
      @petdance for explaining the proper use of the API.

0.081     2016-10-26 23:17:58-05:00 America/Chicago


    - Blog posts now have "Older" and "Newer" links so a reader can read
      a blog from start to finish, navigating through blog posts without
      having to return to the index page. Thanks @kbucheli! [Github

      This is a theme change, so you will need to update your theme to
      see the older/newer links. See the Statocles default themes for

0.080     2016-10-20 15:11:57-05:00 America/Chicago


    - Blog slugs (folder path) are now a bit neater: Apostriphes do not
      turn into dashes, and leading and trailing dashes are removed. So,
      where the blog post "It's good!" would have previously looked like
      "/2016/06/02/it-s-good-/", it will now look like
      "/2016/06/02/its-good/". Thanks @Ferki! [Github #507] [Github

0.079     2016-10-14 20:49:24-05:00 America/Chicago


    - Now that Pod::Weaver 4.015 has shipped with fixes, recommend
      upgrading to 4.015 if the user has 4.014.

0.078     2016-10-12 14:30:18-05:00 America/Chicago


    - Multiple blog posts on the same day are now ordered by their
      `date` attribute. This makes the ordering predictable and
      changable, instead of being ordered alphabetically [Github #512].
      There will likely be some configuration additions here in the
      future to make the date formatting fit the blog's post frequency
      and groupings.


    - Ignore Pod::Weaver version 4.014. This version shipped with a bug
      that causes our tests to fail, likely causes weaving in the
      Perldoc app to throw a fatal error. You should downgrade to
      Pod::Weaver 4.013 (`cpanm Pod::Weaver 4.013`) or upgrade to
      Pod::Weaver 4.015 when that is released. [Github #513]

0.077 2016-08-06T01:24:56
 - fix new warning making test fail
 - fix tests for Mojolicious 7.0
 - add trim function
 - add more info about helpers to content guide
 - add some about content templates to content guide
 - add more markdown and commands to content doc
 - warn user when git deploy can't push
 - rename private subs that work with git repos
 - add quick-start to content guide
 - add meta author to all default themes
 - test atom feed for site author
 - fix type coercion on Perl <5.14
 - add notes about highlight color styles
 - add more sections to the config guide
 - allow more variants in link configuration
 - add link tree object
 - add google analytics to default themes
 - allow for multiple sites in default theme check
 - refactor common layout tests into subroutine
 - fix theme test checking for incorrect file
 - update site theme from responsive default
 - make default blog theme more responsive
 - remove "Fork it" banner
 - fix newer/older button being links with no href
 - add more config docs for site objects
 - allow .markdown and .md in index path
 - escape special chars in tags
 - fix tag case to stop two tags with different case
 - add data attributes sections to config guide
 - fix tags label appearing in feed item without tags
 - fix section 2 link in feed with only one section
 - add index docs to new config guide
 - add basic yaml tutorial to config guide
 - add a global feed author to blog atom feeds
 - add default author attribute to site
 - add author attribute to all pages
 - auto-create person object for document author
 - add plugin docs to new develop guide
 - start filling in the develop guide
 - stringify person objects into the name
 - add type and coercions for Person object
 - add person class to hold author information
 - fix deprecation warnings in statocles site
 - add release v0.076 announcement

0.076 2016-05-28T04:13:14Z
 - fix index links with full urls being rewritten
 - move default post info to app attribute
 - fix --clean destroying all content in git repo
 - unify existing deprecation messages
 - add deprecation warning utility
 - remove code line from deprecation message
 - add outline for new develop guide
 - add release v0.075 announcement

0.075 2016-05-23T03:13:28Z
 - allow indexes to the sections method
 - move date parsing into document class
 - fix relative links on index page getting broken
 - add tests for relative links on index page
 - move default layout to layout directory
 - allow overriding the layout for the entire site
 - add sections for template overrides to config guide
 - allow template overrides in the site object
 - ignore hidden files in theme test
 - show the page list when count is wrong in tests
 - fill in links in new documentation
 - add initial config and install guides
 - warn about links with empty href destination
 - fill in more of the content guide
 - clarify the safety of HTML escaping in theme guide
 - fix more in the new theme docs
 - fix doc example for begin/end
 - edit the theme guide to be clearer and such
 - use the full-width layout for doc pages
 - start filling in more of the content guide
 - fix linkcheck plugin marking all ".." as broken
 - finish the new theme guide
 - pass-through the document data attr to the page
 - bundle theme to site theme directory only
 - allow bundling of specific files from a theme
 - add demonstration of syntax highlighter to guide
 - remove highlighting from yaml block
 - fix template directive example escaping
 - add better embedded perl examples
 - more progress on theme guide
 - start layout section of documentation
 - add start of managing content docs
 - add initial draft of theme tutorial
 - deprecate document data attrs that are not hashes
 - move content sections to page object
 - update statocles site templates from default theme
 - add full-width layout template to remove sidebar
 - fix old content sections being shown in templates
 - move sidebar to layout
 - clone the template state when merging for safety
 - add template object to default theme tests
 - pass content sections between templates in pages
 - add merge_state method to templates
 - add content sections to template helper
 - add release v0.074 announcement

0.074 2016-03-26T04:51:19Z
 - wrap all errors from Pod::Weaver with more detail
 - add better error message when weaver.ini is missing
 - use local time zone everywhere
 - fix blog posts not appearing in certain time zones
 - fix page role abstract to declare it a role
 - add release v0.073 announcement

0.073 2016-03-07T22:44:58Z
 - fix Mojo::Template deprecations
 - always push the git deploy
 - add release v0.072 announcement

0.072 2016-03-04T16:30:37Z
 - update Path::Tiny version
 - deprecate Statocles::Test::test_pages
 - copy test_pages from Statocles::Test to t/lib/My/
 - Deprecate Statocles::Test::test_constructor
 - Copy test_constructor to lib/My/
 - Reimplement test_constructor in TB Calls preparing for deprecation
 - Rewrite test_pages in Test::Builder calls preparing for deprecation
 - Inject README.mdkn exclusively in the source tree
 - Replace ReadmeMarkdownFromPod with ReadmeAnyFromPod
 - Munge README.mkdn in SRC after copying, instead of in CPAN before
 - Replace ReadmeFromPod With Readme::Brief
 - Remove instructions to copy CPAN/README to SRC/README
 - Remove DZP:Readme from basic bundle
 - Add -SingleEncoding to weaver.ini
 - update site theme from statocles default
 - add release v0.071 announcement
 - release v0.071
 - upgrade Beam::Wire dependency to fix bug
 - Add META.json to release
 - Rewrite tests to use Test::Lib + My::Test
 - Add a library "My/Test" in t/lib that replaces Statocles::Base 'Test'
 - Deprecate Statocles::Base 'Test'
 - Fix Git->deploy(--clean) broken sprintf

0.071 2016-02-29T03:22:55Z
 - upgrade Beam::Wire dependency to fix bug
 - upgrade Beam::Wire dependency
 - fix line reporting for code coverage
 - speed up index tag sorting by 30%
 - add better error message for document type checks
 - make document parse errors more uniform
 - give better error message with invalid date
 - update Beam::Wire to fix bug in YAML::XS
 - add release v0.070 announcement

0.070 2016-02-22T04:36:34Z
 - add site pages cache
 - plugin docs including template helper example
 - add tzoffset shim method
 - switch to DateTime::Moonpig for date/time functions
 - rename moniker to template_dir and make explicit
 - allow templates to be overridden for each app
 - Add new collect_pages event, your last chance to change the page list.
   Split from my original commit.
 - add release v0.069 announcement

0.069 2016-02-14T03:04:48Z
 - remove useless test line
 - fix store warning when given no content
 - fix yaml remedy checks for YAML::Syck
 - fix test failure with missing Text::Diff module
 - add test for template comments
 - Specify UTF-8 encoding in site layout
 - add release v0.068 announcement

0.068 2016-02-10T15:15:00Z
 - fix travis always having certain prereqs installed
 - fix use of private object data when adding links
 - allow adding multiple links to a page at once
 - add missing List::UtilsBy dependency
 - Add standard frontmatter overrides (author layout status tags template)
   to blog command
 - Add data hash to Image
 - add release v0.067 announcement

0.067 2016-02-08T04:25:05Z
 - sort broken links in link check plugin
 - add debug message when rendering a page
 - fix page render error when document title is undef
 - add test for stylesheet, script, and favicon links
 - show load error if failed to load Pod::Weaver
 - fix missing attribute in site object error message
 - Revert "add failing test"
 - add style and script links to site object
 - fix coersion for links in page object
 - fix nested lists getting smaller and smaller font
 - fix default font to something more readable
 - Add status attribute in preparation to its use, and test for the default
   value when writing a document.
 - add failing test
 - remove static app from the config guide
 - add shortcut icon to default themes
 - add images attribute to site object
 - add experiment directory to gitignore
 - add release v0.066 announcement

0.066 2016-01-10T02:02:37Z
 - fix duplicate links showing up in pages
 - add uniq_by util to filter items based on a sub
 - add child page scripts and styles to the list page
 - fix bad =back in main module documentation
 - add better error message when include not found
 - add parent dir to includes when rendering document
 - add store object to the document as its read
 - refactor store document test
 - add include_stores to template for added includes
 - add links to default template helpers
 - fix too much space on the top of highlight blocks
 - add release v0.065 announcement

0.065 2016-01-06T06:00:22Z
 - fix list of bundled plugins
 - add recent features to the feature list
 - fix atom feed updated time to be more accurate
 - fix list page date to be max of all pages in list
 - allow coercing Time::Piece from date/time strings
 - fix no order in sitemap causing spurious commits
 - update theme from statocles default
 - fix highlight breaking with Markdown code blocks
 - fix test not running because of misspelled module
 - add release v0.064 announcement

0.064 2016-01-04T06:44:14Z
 - use fake site for command error tests
 - report stdout/stderr on test failure
 - do not test Highlight plugin compile
 - only load Devel::Hide during test
 - install Devel::Hide during travis build
 - add travis build that hides optional dependencies
 - add release v0.063 announcement

0.063 2016-01-03T07:08:33Z
 - skip highlight test if highlighter not found
 - add release v0.062 announcement
 - update copyright year

0.062 2016-01-02T05:31:43Z
 - update develop help guide for new plugin class
 - fix site creator to use plugins not event handler
 - make existing plugins consume new plugin role
 - add plugins to main module list
 - pass the current page into document templates
 - add plugin docs to the help guides
 - add highlight plugin to statocles project site
 - fix highlight plugin to work with begin/end
 - allow project website to be viewed on localhost
 - add syntax highlighting plugin
 - allow adding links to pages
 - allow coercing link objects from strings
 - add site plugins
 - add custom helpers to theme object
 - escape document title to fix special characters
 - switch to warn that a store path doesn't exist
 - fix doc links in default content
 - remove unneeded reminder to update theme config
 - add helper examples to the template documentation
 - add content template helper
 - add release v0.061 announcement
 - fix homepage meta data

0.061 2015-12-13T23:21:12Z
 - fix deploy staying on branch when nothing to do
 - add a testable log object to the test sites
 - add logging to deploys
 - add site object to deploy objects
 - fix git version parsing when version isn't last
 - speed up deploy by using copy method
 - add help section to main web page
 - add images to page objects
 - add images attribute to documents
 - add image class to hold refs to images
 - set a default empty title to stop undef warnings
 - add module name to page title in perldoc app
 - check for version of HTML::Lint::Pluggable in test
 - add release v0.060 announcement

0.060 2015-11-23T10:42:25Z
 - use path objects to make copying files faster
 - cache rendered document sections
 - cache the mojo template for performance
 - cache rendered page HTML for performance
 - add release v0.059 announcement

0.059 2015-11-12T17:25:34Z
 - skip compile check for HTMLLint plugin
 - add release 0.058 announcement

0.058 2015-11-12T01:52:49Z
 - correctly render theme include files
 - do not load site class for every test
 - fix "Can't locate method new" error in create
 - add html lint plugin
 - add release v0.057 announcement

0.057 2015-11-05T21:37:11Z
 - also detect pure-Perl YAML error
 - add release v0.056 announcement

0.056 2015-11-05T20:38:32Z
 - fix inner links do not work in perldoc app
 - add better error messages for bad config files
 - add guide to help resolve error messages
 - update Pod::Simple required version
 - fix problem with overriding Moo role attributes
 - do not deploy template files with the site
 - make Theme into an App
 - move theme test to appropriate directory
 - redirect users from github pages
 - fix header images to use site base url
 - move site to personal server
 - add config examples for all blog attributes
 - process Blog tag text as Markdown
 - add markdown template helper
 - mark plain/static apps as deprecated
 - fix Perldoc links from new version of Statocles
 - add release v0.055 announcement

0.055 2015-09-22T05:09:12Z
 - fix cleanup warning during global destruction
 - add disqus setup notes to Config guide
 - replace the Static app with the Basic app
 - rename the Plain app to the Basic app
 - refactor Blog app to use Store app role
 - allow writing most page attributes
 - skip hidden files and directories in the Plain app
 - add static content to Plain app
 - fix doc links to show module being linked to
 - add custom markdown object example to config guide
 - add disqus to statocles site
 - update site templates from statocles default
 - add disqus blocks to the default themes
 - add store role for applications that use stores
 - use run_editor helper in blog and plain apps
 - add run_editor utility to invoke the user's editor
 - fix new-post directory getting left behind in blog
 - test that the interactive editor is invoked
 - add class frontmatter for custom document classes
 - add error if repository has no commits
 - move daemon build inside the mojo app
 - add --date option to build, daemon, and deploy
 - fix daemon shutdown and cleanup to remove cycles
 - add default site title to silence warnings
 - add --message option to the deploy command
 - allow plain hashrefs in test app
 - add test for git deploy message option
 - fix tag links in blog feeds into full urls
 - clean up test to remove warnings from log
 - add --clean option to statocles deploy command
 - add clean option to file and git deploys
 - remove ".html" from Perldoc documentation pages
 - clarify index path missing to show possible remedy
 - move all deprecation tests into one place
 - deprecate write_document method return value
 - skip deprecated module in compile test
 - remove docs implying deploys inherit from stores
 - move Statocles::Store::File to Statocles::Store
 - only set version during test if no version exists
 - fix emitter base bundle not applying
 - add edit command to plain app
 - add date option to build blog pages from the future
 - add better error message when app has no commands
 - add remove method to Store
 - generate the site config from the template
 - change title to text in site creator link
 - add comments to the site creator config file
 - add note about how to use default themes
 - add skeleton site content during site creation
 - add $app and $site to all templates
 - expand document documentation to add examples
 - fix a bunch of misspellings in the documentation
 - remove duplicate test app
 - add build event to apps for plugins to edit pages
 - add release v0.054 announcement

0.054 2015-08-12T02:24:41Z
 - move includes to theme and add caching
 - refer to templates by path for more flexibility
 - remove README
 - add page title to <title> tag in defaul themes
 - allow documents to add stylesheets and scripts
 - allow links without text
 - move title attribute to page role
 - fix abstracts on Statocles::Page
 - remove Build.PL file
 - upgrade Path::Tiny to fix mkpath warning
 - add release v0.053 announcement

0.053 2015-07-20T05:29:14Z
 - expand the document documentation a bit more
 - link to frontmatter options in the content guide
 - add more examples of plain pages to content guide
 - add meta generator information to default themes
 - fix mojo ioloop tests when testing file events
 - move method signature inside documentation body
 - set '/' as the default site index
 - silence log warnings from tests
 - add upgrading and policy modules to help index
 - make -v with no arguments show version information
 - fix full urls falsely rewritten on list pages
 - fix index to point to path
 - update theme from statocles default
 - add release v0.052 announcement

0.052 2015-07-13T05:49:19Z
 - enhance the docs about the site index property
 - add deprecation policy and upgrading guide
 - allow site to be built with no deploy dir
 - add core prereq for Pod::Simple
 - fix bootstrap theme missing jquery
 - use page path for site index, not apps
 - add release v0.051 announcement

0.051 2015-07-07T03:07:38Z
 - make find_files skip documents by default
 - add method to check if a path is a document
 - allow "md" and other extensions for markdown files
 - fix test to detect bad body links in perldoc app
 - fix links to index module in perldoc app
 - do not add static HTML when markdown files exist
 - fix scheme detection in LinkCheck plugin
 - mention the File deploy in the guides
 - make default theme closer to bootstrap theme
 - add bootstrap theme back as an option
 - add release v0.050 announcement

0.050 2015-06-29T03:11:25Z
 - add command docs to Blog app
 - show how to create plain page in content guide
 - clarify some parts of the content guide
 - fix "/" not being rewritten with base URL
 - add module list to Statocles::Help
 - move test::lib to test to fix xt/ tests
 - remove background and border from default footer
 - add release v0.049 announcement

0.049 2015-06-24T02:38:18Z
 - add warning if app creates duplicate pages
 - fix plain app using wrong index page
 - update site theme from statocles default
 - add footer styles to default theme
 - add release v0.048 announcement

0.048 2015-06-22T07:10:26Z
 - fix vim swap files being parsed as markdown
 - add ListItem page to wrap pages in a list page
 - add basename and dirname to Page objects
 - fix templated content not rendered in blog list
 - remove Statocles::Page::Feed
 - allow Path::Tiny objects in link href attrs
 - fix double / when building App urls
 - remove duplicate test
 - make it easier to deal with one page link
 - add type to base Page role
 - add more basic docs to the app role
 - link to built-in app docs in app role documentation
 - remove unused import
 - upgrade perl in travis config
 - update site theme from default theme
 - add fontawesome and icons for rel=external links
 - fix schema-less URLs being rewritten by build
 - add rel="external" to external perldoc links
 - add release v0.047 announcement

0.047 2015-06-04T03:27:41Z
 - add blank link to allow for $VERSION
 - add another of my many e-mails to mailmap
 - move to documented Role::Tiny API
 - upgrade Import::Base to fix test failures
 - add some interesting methods to the Theme guide
 - add content sections to content guide
 - fix links to template objects in Theme guide
 - add more documentation about writing content
 - move site doc link directly to the guides
 - remove dependency on List::MoreUtils
 - remove dependency on File::Copy::Recursive
 - fix links to the index app should be the site root
 - fix pagination in the blog
 - add example site gallery
 - add data attribute to documents
 - add release v0.046 announcement

0.046 2015-05-25T01:46:58Z
 - update statocles site theme from default theme
 - add module crumbtrail to perldoc app
 - add link to module source in perldoc app
 - fix link check showing schema-less urls as broken
 - allow additional markdown pages in blog posts
 - use document templates to override page templates
 - move page template coercion tests
 - add template and layout fields to documents
 - add tag_text property to blog app
 - remove ModuleBuild to prevent toolchain confusion
 - add .bare class to remove bullets from lists
 - add data attribute to pages
 - add a default background color to navbar
 - adjust grid spacing to center columns
 - use file_path attribute when copying files in apps
 - use raw bytes when opening file pages
 - allow using file path when copying files
 - ensure all directory URLs end with a /
 - redirect to directory/ in daemon
 - add release v0.045 announcement

0.045 2015-04-17T04:19:15Z
 - allow blog post collateral in post directory
 - fix link check plugin not finding url-encoded links
 - allow recent posts filtering by tag
 - add -p <port> option to specify port in daemon
 - fix create command example on index page
 - add latest release version to the index page
 - use the default Statocles build dir
 - update site theme from Statocles default theme
 - add release v0.044 announcement

0.044 2015-04-06T05:49:07Z
 - fix tadegenban showing in contributors list twice
 - add recent posts method to the blog
 - add test with path field inside document
 - allow document objects to be written via Store
 - read documents on STDIN when adding blog posts
 - fix warning if tags are missing
 - change parse_document to parse_frontmatter
 - change read_document to return the Document object
 - add method to parse a document from a string
 - fix blog slugs to remove nonword characters
 - fix example plugin config for Beam::Wire changes
 - describe using config to compose roles
 - add exception when index app does not exist
 - add google analytics
 - move template tests into a folder
 - add Release v0.043 announcement

0.043 2015-03-23T05:15:00Z
 - upgrade to Moo 2 and remove Moo::Lax
 - add include_stores to add include dirs to Theme
 - add source to perldoc app
 - move url_root into Statocles::App
 - make files less important than generated pages
 - warn when multiple apps create the same page
 - allow passing apps in to test setup routine
 - add deploy to a subdir inside a git repository
 - Just fix some old  document
 - add release v0.042 announcement

0.042 2015-03-16T07:26:25Z
 - add markdown attribute to the Site object
 - add ignore patterns to LinkCheck plugin
 - add before_build_write event for site object
 - add release v0.041 announcement
 - update theme from default theme

0.041 2015-03-09T04:13:32Z
 - fix deprecated event handler config
 - change $method in event handler to $sub
 - set the base url using the site creator
 - remove date from the default blog post
 - change last_modified to "date"
 - fix error when site object has a bad reference
 - mention the "create" command where appropriate
 - add release v0.040 announcement

0.040 2015-03-02T06:01:48Z
 - fix linkcheck synopsis for new wire config syntax
 - add documentation for events and plugins
 - add linkcheck plugin to Statocles website
 - add LinkCheck plugin to the default site creator
 - add LinkCheck plugin to check links and images
 - add build event hook to site
 - remove unnecessary includes in tests
 - add '.statocles' to gitignore automatically
 - fix blog with no pages doesn't build
 - init the git repo when creating a git-based site
 - upgrade to Mojolicious 6.0
 - add note about base_url to deploy guide
 - set a sane default base url
 - fix base_url of / breaks links
 - create the app store directories in create command
 - fix create command creates wrong apps
 - move default build dir to .statocles/build
 - fix unknown command gives strange error
 - remove all files from build dir before building
 - add release v0.039 announcement
 - add theme fixes from latest Statocles release

0.039 2015-02-23T01:50:24Z
 - normalize the default log level to warn
 - rearrange tests into small, feature-sized chunks
 - create new blog posts in directories
 - allow blog posts to be directories
 - organize core and non-core deps
 - add create command example to website
 - fix note about default theme using skeleton
 - add note about create command to Setup guide
 - add site "create" command
 - add link to content guide
 - reorganize guides and add Statocles::Help
 - split the Setup guide into Config and Content
 - fix navbar too close to main page content
 - break parsing a frontmatter file into its own sub
 - clarify the docs on Pages and what a Site is
 - add example of markdown to html to website
 - split the main doc into the Develop guide
 - fix me showing up in the contributors list
 - add release v0.038 announcement

0.038 2015-02-15T05:49:09Z
 - fix git-rm compatibility with 1.7.2
 - fix error adding submodule in test
 - upgrade git requirement to 1.7.2
 - fix git version tests to work on Travis
 - add extra tests for git versions
 - add release v0.037 announcement

0.037 2015-02-13T02:37:55Z
 - possibly fix cpantesters reports about submodule
 - add release v0.036 announcement

0.036 2015-02-11T06:28:21Z
 - fix test expecting an include that was renamed
 - do not check include hooks in theme sanity test
 - fix empty template includes warning about undef
 - update statocles site theme from default theme
 - make all default includes into templates
 - add getting started help to the theme guide
 - update the site theme from the default theme
 - change page published to last_modified
 - make sure to configure all git repos we create
 - fix static app doesn't work with a url root
 - do not deploy ignored files or submodule files
 - add release v0.035 announcement

0.035 2015-02-09T02:51:15Z
 - update Mojolicious to 5.57 for improved map()
 - fix extra blank line in robots.txt test
 - ignore vim swap files on windows
 - fix strftime for Windows
 - fix test reading files without utf-8 flag
 - make `bundle theme` copy to given directory
 - redo the setup help for new defaults
 - make blog pagination use directories
 - allow list pages to consist of directories
 - automatically remove "index.html" from URLs
 - update Beam::Wire to fix warning on perl 5.20
 - process document content as a template
 - allow arguments to included templates
 - add a theme method to build template from string
 - do not watch built-in theme dirs for changes
 - add deploy help documentation
 - add remote attr to git deploy
 - test that git deploy's path has a default
 - set a default build dir and auto-create it
 - make site theme default to bundled default theme
 - make file deploy default to the current directory
 - add test to check categories in atom feed
 - fix categories in atom feed
 - fix default theme list bullets on a separate line
 - fix static app builds hidden directories like .git
 - show an error if no theme name given to bundle
 - allow pod from things without .pm, .pl, or .pod
 - add missing DESCRIPTION to some modules
 - remove spurious doc lines
 - add release v0.034 announcement

0.034 2015-01-25T06:15:51Z
 - add dzil plugin for prereqs and compile tests
 - add features and install instructions on home page
 - update Statocles site for new default theme
 - update Statocles site for new Git deploy
 - remove deploy path from the daemon
 - do not try to find the t directory from lib
 - remove circular dependency creating infinite loop
 - add see also sections for theme help
 - add theme help file
 - explicitly require ".ep" when including templates
 - add deploy object to site
 - make sure to create the directory before deploying
 - reduce duplication between Git and File deploy
 - add a file deploy for deploying to the filesystem
 - add deploy class to deploy a site
 - add base_url to Store for per-deploy base URLs
 - make author optional
 - rename "crosspost" to "alternate"
 - remove all uses of document in templates
 - change tags to Link objects
 - change page links and tags into Link objects
 - fix coercion for links array
 - allow single link to be normalized into an array
 - add nav method to get site nav links
 - add Link object to represent <a> and <link> tags
 - add missing sidebar example code
 - add some padding around floated images
 - fix sidebar different from blog list to blog post
 - rearrange style guide to organize by usage
 - add new default theme based on skeleton.css
 - add data attribute to site and app
 - fix deploy test to test deploy directory
 - add theme to deployed site at /theme
 - add better error message when template not found
 - ensure index app generates a page
 - create orphan branch when deploying
 - add release v0.033 announcement

0.033 2015-01-12T03:04:42Z
 - fix unable to set date for blog post from command
 - build a new temp site for each command test
 - remove root dotfiles and root ini files from dist
 - switch to dzil Git::GatherDir
 - add new blog posts to store so auto-build works
 - add v0.032 release notification
 - "now" is easily mistaken for "not" in test diag

0.032 2015-01-05T02:55:29Z
 - fix contributors dependency
 - add template for robots.txt
 - use site-wide theme for sitemap.xml
 - update statocles website for new site-wide theme
 - move theme to site, removing it from all apps
 - update copyright year
 - add contributors dzil plugin for proper attribution
 - also add stderr diag to bin/statocles test
 - always print stderr/stdout when testing for empty
 - add Mac::FSEvents to prereqs for OSX
 - prevent uninitialized warnings in locale test
 - add release announcement for v0.031

0.031 2014-12-25T14:11:45Z
 - release v0.031
 - fix test failure because config not found
 - fix daemon continually rebuilding the site
 - fix tags list not appearing on blog list pages
 - give better error when site object not found
 - give better error when config file not found
 - remove tests that could redefine subs
 - fix setlocale test may fail and return current locale
 - remove test for switching STDIN back to our tty
 - fix RSS pubDate incorrectly using locale setting
 - add link to home page in main documentation
 - add release announcement for v0.030
 - fix site.yml for renamed File store

0.030 2014-12-23T12:15:40Z
 - release v0.030
 - cache file store's realpath to fix race condition
 - require frontmatter to begin with '---'
 - rename statocles site documents to .markdown
 - rename documents from '.yml' to '.markdown'
 - make all file stores ignore other stores' files
 - rename Store to Store::File
 - ignore hidden files in the static app
 - only allow html files in the sitemap.xml
 - reset STDIN to the tty when piping in content
 - put the full changelog behind a click
 - add release announcement for v0.029

0.029 2014-12-22T11:09:37Z
 - release v0.029
 - add new home page layout
 - add head_after include for custom <head> JS and CSS
 - fix site altering raw file content with base URL
 - open/write filehandles using raw bytes
 - allow blog post content on STDIN
 - add plain and static apps to Setup guide
 - allow for test_pages without index test
 - fix syntax error on 5.10. '...' was added in 5.12
 - add Static app for tracking static files
 - make sure find_files returns absolute paths
 - add File page to move files between stores
 - add open_file and write_file for filehandles
 - add find_files method to Store
 - add SEE ALSO about other static site tools
 - clarify setup docs about daemon command
 - trap date/time parsing exceptions
 - move test yaml error document to a directory
 - check that store path exists and is directory
 - make sure store is always using utf-8
 - cleanup store tests to use files
 - remove spurious test collateral
 - organize t/share directory better
 - update v0.028 release with commit links
 - add script to generate release commit lists
 - cleanup blog tests
 - add test_pages helper function
 - add test_constructor helper function
 - paginated list pages should share last_modified
 - fix: daemon serves data with wrong charset
 - add tagline to default theme
 - clarify what each destination Store is used for
 - build the site when daemon starts up
 - add links to github, cpan, and irc to site
 - add release announcement for v0.028

0.028 2014-12-14T12:05:20Z
 - release v0.028
 - set the default log level to "info"
 - fix test only emits "Watching" if we have the right module
 - use bundles to remove extra Base modules
 - fix new "redundant argument in sprintf warning"
 - change all instances of print to say
 - use Mojo::Log for logging
 - create type library for types and coercions
 - watch for filesystem events and rebuild the site
 - remove index method from apps
 - remove caching from Blog app
 - add clear method to theme to clear template cache
 - add method to clear document cache
 - clean up reading documents and parsing frontmatter
 - remove the Statocles site.yml from CPAN tarballs
 - add release announcement for v0.027
 - remove old site leftovers from main branch

0.027 2014-12-09T04:22:24Z
 - release v0.027
 - try to fix bundle failure on Win32
 - bump required Mojolicious to 5.41
 - only ignore Statocles bundles in the root directory
 - die if there's a git error

0.026 2014-12-08T03:49:57Z
 - release v0.026
 - always use utf-8 when reading/writing files
 - add initial release announcement
 - remove test post
 - add new index page for introduction to Statocles
 - allow plain app to be used as site index
 - set a last_modified date for the plain Page
 - add github banner to Statocles site
 - bundle the site theme so we can edit it
 - move Statocles site and prepare gitignore file
 - move the statocles website
 - add plain app for making pages from plain markdown
 - make page template optional with a default
 - make path and document required attributes
 - rename Page::Raw to Page::Plain
 - add missing ABSTRACT to Page::Raw
 - add a default weaver.ini config
 - die with friendly error when missing Pod::Weaver
 - only remove .ini files from the dist root
 - add path to Pod::Weaver config file
 - test default value for weave
 - fix theme check for perldoc app templates
 - make Pod::Weaver optional in Perldoc app
 - add perldoc app to the Statocles website
 - add default template for perldoc app
 - fix internal links to the index module
 - fix module searching in Perldoc app
 - set a default last_modified for Raw pages
 - coerce strings into paths in Perldoc app
 - fix Perldoc app to extend Statocles::App
 - add last_modified to Raw pages
 - simplify pod weaving
 - mark optional prereqs as "Recommends"
 - weave the POD before trying to make HTML
 - rewrite links to internal modules
 - add initial progress on Perldoc app
 - add page to contain raw content
 - make sitemap.xml a template
 - add page attrs for sitemap changefreq and priority
 - add last_modified to the list page
 - add last_modified to document page object
 - add IRC channel to meta resources
 - do not index the private MOJOAPP package
 - handle index.html for directories in test daemon
 - add dzil tag annotation with name, date, and changelog

0.025 2014-11-30T08:32:33Z
 - release v0.025
 - add better dzil tag annotation
 - fix tests for the mojolicious app used by daemon

0.024 2014-11-28T10:28:35Z
 - release v0.024
 - support nonroot sites in the `daemon` command
 - disable mojolicious's Net::DNS::Native support
 - always show the right port in the daemon command
 - support folders in base_url for non-root sites
 - Site update
 - build more html-like test content
 - add/update some comments in Site
 - add note about sitemaps to the features list

0.023 2014-11-27T07:06:38Z
 - release v0.023
 - set up Statocles website
 - require a store in the Theme
 - use store instead of include_dirs to find includes
 - add has_file method to Store
 - use store read_file in theme
 - add read_file method to store
 - do not preload all theme templates
 - fix --version to work without a method
 - make blog usage look like pod2usage
 - show an error and usage if no command given
 - move unexpected errors to STDERR
 - show an error when missing/incorrect blog command
 - open post in editor before deciding its location
 - we do need some stinkin badges!
 - add a SYNOPSIS section so we get our badges
 - add new build artifacts
 - update dist.ini for new best practices
 - break up Test::Most
 - 5.8 is not supported by Statocles
 - update travis.yml for new perl travis helpers

0.022 2014-08-31T07:49:50Z
 - release v0.022
 - fix t/command.t dying on Win32

0.021 2014-08-27T22:07:14Z
 - release v0.021
 - add a base zsh completion config
 - use $^X to invoke the currently-running perl
 - fix --help not working
 - add =sub to weaver.ini
 - add 'bundle theme' command
 - add some hooks into the default theme
 - add a standard of conduct to CONTRIBUTING
 - fix redefine warning from include sub
 - theme sets template include dir to theme dir
 - add template includes
 - have Theme use a Store instead of a raw path

0.020 2014-07-15T05:01:49Z
 - add docs about --verbose flag
 - add --verbose flag to show some useful information
 - make read_document take a relative path
 - silence warning when no content in the document
 - write_page -> write_file
 - better reporting on YAML loading errors
 - fix post images breaking the layout

0.019 2014-07-07T03:15:50Z
 - release v0.019
 - allow filtering of tags on the index page
 - require Mojolicious 4.76

0.018 2014-07-06T03:38:29Z
 - release v0.018
 - add blog page tags to the default theme
 - add page tags to the blog
 - add tags to pages
 - let someone else test blead
 - Mojolicious requires at least 5.10
 - no more SurgicalPodWeaver, use regular PodWeaver
 - get podweaver before we install
 - PodWeaver still isn't specified by SurgicalPodWeaver
 - fix yaml syntax for travis.yml
 - possibly fix `daemon` test by randomizing the port
 - add travis-ci and coveralls

0.017 2014-06-29T23:27:27Z
 - release v0.017
 - add basic daemon command

0.016 2014-06-29T04:58:34Z
 - release v0.016
 - quiet some warnings
 - add a simple robots.txt
 - add sitemap.xml generation
 - change theme source_dir -> path
 - add coercions for Theme and Store
 - fix pre and code wrapping
 - blog source -> store
 - add test prereq found by kwalitee
 - fix pod error found by kwalitee

0.015 2014-06-28T06:12:23Z
 - release v0.015
 - fix default layout error if no main nav
 - add test to check default theme syntax
 - fix exception in test template
 - throw an exception when template fails to render
 - add a line to help with the continue reading link
 - fix bottom-border on post header
 - remove crosspost links from the bottom of list

0.014 2014-06-25T05:40:52Z
 - release v0.014
 - squelch some warnings in the new test templates
 - add content sections to the default templates
 - add sectioned content to document pages
 - remove the default templates
 - remove the custom test templates
 - add a feature list for marketing purposes
 - add a link to the feed page in the main doc

0.013 2014-06-22T08:01:13Z
 - release v0.013
 - add feed titles and links to feeds in the page
 - add RSS and Atom feeds to blog index and tag pages
 - add generic page links hashref
 - put self and app in all pages
 - add site method to get a full URL for feeds
 - cache page objects so we can modify them
 - add feed pages
 - ignore blog directories that aren't YYYY/MM/DD
 - fix setup help - blog -> blog_app
 - blog -> blog_app
 - die with an error if we can't make a slug
 - return the exit code from called sub
 - fix some typos in the setup help

0.012 2014-06-18T06:15:07Z
 - release v0.012
 - deploy now performs 'git push'
 - add rel next/prev to pagination links
 - better format for crosspost links
 - put the list of guides first in the documentation
 - we moved the core of 'render' to 'vars'

0.011 2014-06-15T03:10:40Z
 - release v0.011
 - still show the topbar if site lacks main nav
 - add crosspost links to the default blog templates
 - everything used in template should have default
 - reorganize template vars to prefer objects
 - remove unused dump method
 - add crosspost links to documents
 - add last_modified attribute to documents
 - defaults must be subref
 - fix bad link to YAML

0.010 2014-06-07T09:27:29Z
 - release v0.010
 - add a setup guide until we get a create command
 - add named navs, so we can add more nav lists later
 - add next/prev to list page render()
 - mark html templates as such; use .ep like Mojo
 - add paginate() constructor for paginated lists
 - fix the pagination links in the default blog theme
 - add pagination to the blog
 - enforce an order on the paginated pages
 - add optional index path to pagination
 - do not build posts whose day has not yet come
 - allow setting the date when creating a new post

0.009 2014-06-06T20:15:15Z
 - release v0.009
 - add the published date to the blog pages
 - add published date to pages
 - add last_modified and tags to default blog post
 - add last_modified to documents
 - make the default templates more semantic

0.008 2014-06-05T04:35:12Z
 - release v0.008
 - add tag navigation to the blog
 - add tag pages to the blog
 - avoid swp files when scanning for documents
 - bump Path::Tiny version to 0.054
 - remove the site/ directory from the release
 - handle older versions of git better
 - Git::Repository requires git 1.5 or higher

0.007 2014-06-02T05:07:23Z
 - add tags attr to document
 - remove hard-coded document paths in test
 - remove unused attribute
 - add/update links in documentation
 - migrate to Path::Tiny
 - Set a real git config user name/email
 - switch to Type::Tiny. thanks mst!
 - fix link to Jekyll. Thanks buu!

0.006 2014-05-29T06:01:50Z
 - sort blog index page by post date
 - use frontmatter format in addition to pure YAML
 - open $EDITOR for the user creating a blog post
 - add 'blog post' command to add new posts to a blog
 - return the full path to the document
 - add write_document method to Store
 - add application command delegation
 - add 'apps' command to list the apps in a site

0.005 2014-05-26T06:29:14Z
 - docs and pages do not need to be in any order
 - use canon dirsep in template path
 - doc paths are files; page paths are URLs
 - remove warning if source_dir is undefined
 - Moo only allows subrefs as default
 - preset git name/email

0.004 2014-05-25T06:28:44Z
 - get themes from Statocles share dir
 - add another caller to ignore finding template path
 - move the pager controls to the blog index
 - add the page path to the template
 - add missing ABSTRACT

0.003 2014-05-25T03:26:39Z
 - release v0.003
 - fix git commands writing to stdout
 - always specify a template path
 - allow regex-unsafe characters in file path

0.002 2014-05-21T04:17:39Z
 - release v0.002
 - fix one of the dir seperator problems on Win32
 - check for git earlier in the test
 - add missing prereqs

0.001 2014-05-20T04:41:29Z
 - make sure only built files get committed
 - add a basic git-based site
 - document Statocles::Template and everything else
 - better default theme with more example content
 - basic site navigation array
 - reduce duplication in site test
 - fix default site theme for Statocles::Template
 - add --version command-line script option
 - switch to Mojo::Template
 - attribute -> attr
 - add some missing documentation to Page classes
 - change Page to a role
 - add a base Role class
 - refactor test to remove some duplication
 - add missing layout template
 - add site title
 - pull the render() call out of the store
 - add additional template arguments to pages
 - add error checking to template fill_in()
 - site index should not duplicate an app page
 - remove the link because POD->Markdown does bad things
 - add some introduction documentation
 - add initial default theme and an example site.yml
 - fix loading theme from a relative directory
 - fix read documents from a relative directory
 - set the execute bit
 - add initial command-line interface
 - break up build and deploy stores
 - remove destination from apps to reduce duplication
 - add missing index page to theme test
 - add an index page to the entire site
 - add index page to the blog
 - all pages need paths
 - add initial List page, for indexes
 - test multiple blog posts in preparation for lists
 - better description of what the method returns
 - File -> Store to get all docs from a dir path
 - add site class
 - provide a single pages() method in applications
 - fix template not being stored with the right group
 - throw a better error when the template is undef
 - fix broken tests
 - allow loading of theme templates from a directory
 - we don't need these imports
 - add layouts to blog application
 - add layout to page
 - blog app can now read source files from directory
 - add write() method to blog app
 - make sure to create full paths when writing pages
 - add theme to the blog app
 - add themes - bundles of templates
 - initial build artifacts
 - initial work on a blog application
 - add documentation
 - rename project to Statocles
 - add some documentation
 - add ref to File that Document is read from/writ to
 - write pages to disk
 - add simple page rendering
 - add base File and Document classes