Changelog for Import-Base

1.004     2018-01-16 13:18:57-06:00 America/Chicago


    - The documentation now recommends `use parent` instead of `use
      base`. `use base` has some legacy cruft that makes it less
      optimal. Thanks @grinnz!

    - Removed out-of-date Build.PL from the dist. Thanks @grinnz!
1.003     2017-02-16 14:09:34-06:00 America/Chicago


    - Update the documentation to show that the Dancer2::Plugin problem
      was fixed months ago, and that users should upgrade to Dancer2
      v0.200000 if they want to use Import::Base and Dancer2 plugins

1.002 2016-03-02T05:08:56
 - clarify that exclude works on modules and symbols
 - also check for Dancer2::Plugin::Ajax in test

1.001 2016-03-01T04:06:38Z
 - fix test that requires Dancer2

1.000 2016-03-01T03:52:23Z
 - mention known issues
 - add use-case test for Dancer2
 - test that moo roles can be built with bundles
 - refer to the Importer module for renames
 - allow exporting symbols in the base module

0.014 2015-09-07T23:47:18Z
 - neutralize the see also and add
 - fix role example to remove need to preload role
 - enable signatures before disabling warning in docs

0.013 2015-09-03T03:36:35Z
 - upgrade Import::Into to fix target
 - add version check during import with hashref
 - upgrade perl in travis config
 - remove ModuleBuild to prevent toolchain confusion
 - add link to #beam IRC channel

0.012 2015-02-17T02:23:55Z
 - add use-case test for a role with requires
 - add import_bundle to import bundles at runtime

0.011 2015-02-09T01:42:48Z
 - run subref callbacks during the import process
 - remove feature allowing subs to make import array
 - add dzil plugin for prereqs and compile tests
 - remove root dotfiles and root ini files from dist
 - switch to dzil Git::GatherDir
 - fix contributors dependency
 - update copyright year
 - add contributors dzil plugin for proper attribution

0.010 2014-12-24T05:59:24Z
 - add dzil tag annotation with name, date, and changelog
 - fix warnings if a class doesn't have IMPORT_*
 - remove note about custom args from dynamic api
 - update weaver.ini from new skeleton

0.009 2014-11-06T06:03:29Z
 - release v0.009
 - add some explanatory comments to SYNOPSIS
 - add < and > order control prefixes

0.008 2014-11-05T04:35:38Z
 - release v0.008
 - add example of custom arguments
 - add package arg to subref callbacks
 - add docs about subref arguments
 - add subrefs for dynamic bits in the static API

0.007 2014-11-03T00:24:59Z
 - release v0.007
 - allow cpanfile to be built as part of the release
 - add CHANGES and cpanfile for new dist.ini
 - update dist.ini for new best practices
 - make sure we only check for warnings from the eval
 - ensure there are no warnings
 - add best practices about backward compatibility

0.006 2014-10-26T23:40:36Z
 - release v0.006
 - add perl5 to SEE ALSO
 - add a rationale for the dynamic API
 - reorganize and consolidate tests
 - add documentation boilerplate
 - don't build 5.8
 - add static package var api
 - add minimum perl version
 - add travis.yml

0.005 2014-10-13T06:06:48Z
 - release v0.005
 - clarify docs on arguments and adding custom args
 - add import bundles to use fewer modules
 - SurgicalPodWeaver -> PodWeaver
 - add Import::Into to see also

0.004 2014-06-09T04:42:09Z
 - release v0.004
 - fix prereqs
 - remove Test::Most since we only need Test::More
 - use numbered level when importing. thanks haarg!
 - add test for inheriting from a base module
 - explain what modules() returns and remove empty []

0.003 2014-06-04T22:16:00Z
 - implement unimport "-Module"
 - add usage examples
 - add -exclude option when importing a base module

0.002 2014-04-27T02:27:17Z
 - update to version 0.002
 - remove feature from the test module

0.001 2014-04-26T22:39:23Z
 - add links because it's nicer
 - add build artifacts and base contributing file
 - add SEE ALSO section with some similar modules
 - use an array to order imports instead of a hash
 - initial Import::Base implementation