Changelog for Beam-Runner

0.016     2019-03-07 21:06:19-06:00 America/Chicago


    - Fixed a warning in utility function when BEAM_PATH environment
      variable is not set. This was causing a warning in the
      Beam::Minion 'job' command (which doesn't need containers).

0.015     2019-01-15 00:04:26-05:00 America/New_York


    - Added Beam::Runner::ExecCommand to easily configure external
      commands to execute through `beam run`.
    - Added Beam::Runner::Steps to execute a series of other
      Beam::Runnable commands.

0.014     2017-09-17 16:45:25-05:00 America/Chicago


    - Added find_containers() utility function for other projects
      (Beam::Minion) to find all the containers reachable through

0.013     2017-06-20 14:26:20-04:00 America/New_York


    - Fixed missing dependency on Types::Path::Tiny. This is why
      I should never, ever ignore the failures from Travis, but this is
      also why CPAN Testers is so valuable...

0.012     2017-06-18 20:45:07-04:00 America/New_York

    - Added Beam::Runnable::AllowUsers role to provide a simple
      pre-check so only certain users can run a script.
    - Added Beam::Runnable::DenyUsers role to provide a simple pre-check
      so certain users are not allowed to run a script.
    - Added Beam::Runnable::Single role to ensure a task is only able to
      be run once at a time.

0.011     2017-06-09 01:48:33-05:00 America/Chicago


    - Beam::Runnable::Timeout::Alarm role allows easily adding timeouts
      to runnable modules.

    - Added quickstart tutorial for getting started using Beam::Runner.


    - Fixed `beam help` command showing the `beam` command documentation
      if the given task has no documentation. Now it correctly shows an
      error message instead.

0.010     2017-05-13 10:34:53+02:00 Europe/Paris


    - Fix dependency on Beam::Service. Assuming people will pull that in
      via Beam::Wire is problematic. Thanks @jberger!

0.009     2017-05-08 14:23:56-05:00 America/Chicago


    - A `summary` field in the task configuration to allow custom
      summaries for tasks. These summaries appear in `beam list` instead
      of the default summary (the module's `NAME` POD section)


    - Clarified the documentation a little: "Services" are now just
      called "tasks" or "objects" depending on if they're executable or

0.008     2017-05-08 14:09:47-05:00 America/Chicago


    - Fix test failure when BEAM_PATH is set in environment
    - Fix error message saying "service not found" when the service
      failed to load because one of its dependencies was not found.

0.007     2017-04-28 01:58:08-05:00 America/Chicago


    - `beam list` no longer displays container without runnable
      services. This allows us to have utility containers without
      cluttering up the output.

    - `beam list <container>` will now throw an error if the given
      container contains no runnable services

0.006     2017-01-03 00:29:41-06:00 America/Chicago


    - Fixed `help` command tests failing on Windows because of regex
      metacharacters in Windows paths

0.005     2017-01-01 23:01:20-06:00 America/Chicago


    - Fixed `help` command tests failing on Windows because of incorrect
      path comparisons

0.004     2016-12-31 22:46:21-06:00 America/Chicago


    - Added basic "help" command which shows the class documentation for
      the given service from the given container.

0.003     2016-12-29 01:15:57-06:00 America/Chicago


    - Added more information to the "list" command so that users can see
      a short summary of what's in the listed container files, and an
      abstract about what those runnable tasks might do. The previous
      version only listed the names of containers/services, which wasn't
      very useful.

0.002     2016-12-27 23:10:30-06:00 America/Chicago

    - Add basic "list" command to list the available containers and the
      services within them

0.001     2016-12-27 00:30:46-06:00 America/Chicago

    - Initial release of "run" command