Make with Perl.


Integrated development environment for Geany or similar editor for compiling running and documenting programs written in a number of languages.


Install from CPAN

sudo cpan install MakeWithPerl


Configure Geany->Build->Set Build Commands as shown in the following image: image.

The text to enter is:

perl -M"MakeWithPerl" -e"MakeWithPerl::makeWithPerl" -- --compile "%d/%f"

perl -M"MakeWithPerl" -e"MakeWithPerl::makeWithPerl" -- --run "%d/%f"

.+ at (.+) line ([0-9]+).*

perl -M"MakeWithPerl" -e"MakeWithPerl::makeWithPerl" --  --doc "%d/%f"

perl -M"MakeWithPerl" -e"MakeWithPerl::makeWithPerl" -- --upload "%d/%f"

perl -M"MakeWithPerl" -e"MakeWithPerl::makeWithPerl" --  --doc "%d/%f"

Operation on Geany

Press F8 to compile a program

Press F9 to run a program

Press F5 to document a program

For documentation see: CPAN