<!-- with comments -->
<?xml-stylesheet type="text/xml" href="#style1"?>
<!DOCTYPE NewsML PUBLIC "urn:newsml:iptc.org:20001006:NewsMLv1.0:1" "dtds/NewsMLv1.0.dtd" [

	<!ELEMENT doc (p*)>
	<!ATTLIST p attribute CDATA #REQUIRED >

	<!ENTITY entity "***** this was an entity *****">
<doc xmlns:x="urn:x-is-simple">
	<target x:Href="http://www.afp.com/dtd/AFPCatalog.xml"/>
	<no-content xmlns="urn:m&amp;n"></no-content>
<!-- A comment in the code -->
	<p entity="there's an &entity; here &amp; here are double quotes &quot;">there's an &entity; here &amp; here are double quotes &quot;</p>


	<x:div>This is an embedded tag: &lt;tag&gt;</x:div>

	<p attribute="escaped &quot; XML in an attribute.">Is the attribute escaped?</p>
	<p eval="$var &gt; 4 ? &apos;bigger&apos; : &quot;smaller&quot; ">Is the attribute escaped? we got </p>
	<p>same as in above $var &gt; 4 ? &apos;bigger&apos; : &quot;smaller&quot; </p>

	<p test="m&amp;n">(&#42;) Is the '&#38;' in the attribute escaped? &#x2764;</p>


<![CDATA[<greeting>Hello, world!</greeting>]]> 

<!-- should we  escape stuff & bad things < > in a comment? -->

<?magnum <insane> pi="a&b"?>