If you HATE Dist::Zilla, fear not, you can pretty easily hack at make 
pull requests for FFI::TinyCC without installing dzil and pulling down 
half of CPAN!

If you Love Dist::Zilla, or if you work with it anyway, then you know 
what to do and can skip reading this.

You will need to install these CPAN dists to work on this dist:

 . perl 5.8.1 or better (required for FFI::Platypus)
 . autodie
 . Alien::TinyCC
 . Archive::Ar 2.02 or better
 . File::chdir
 . Path::Tiny
 . FFI::Platypus
 . FFI::Platypus::Type::StringArray
 . Test2::API
 . Test2::Suite

(sorry there is no cpanfile)

You will also need a shared or dll version of libtcc for your platform.  
Unfortunately, Alien::TinyCC comes with a static library only on most 
(all?) Unix platforms.  This normally gets built and put in the share 
directory by Module::Build when you install, but of course since you 
don't want to run dzil that isn't an option.  It is okay, you can build 
it from the checked out git repository like this:

 % perl -Iinc -MMy::DLL -e tcc_build

Take a look at the share directory you should have a libtcc.so or 
libtcc.dll now.  If you have to switch architectures with the same 
repository, you can clean up with this incantation:

 % perl -Iinc -MMy::DLL -e tcc_clean

Now that you have the dynamic library that FFI::TinyCC needs, you can 
run the test suite by using prove and its -l option:

 % prove -l

If you need to run a one-liner or whole program with your checked out 
git version of FFI::TinyCC, you can set PERL5LIB to the lib directory in 
this repository and it should just work.  If it doesn't, then please let 
me know.  I like to use Dist::Zilla because it saves me time, but I am 
happy to make an effort to make it easier for you to contribute.

Graham <plicease@cpan.org>