If you have implemented a new feature or fixed a bug then you may make
    a pull reequest on this project's GitHub repository:

    Caution: if you do this too frequently I may nominate you as the new
    maintainer. Extreme caution: if you like that sort of thing.

    This project's GitHub issue tracker listed above is not Write-Only. If
    you want to contribute then feel free to browse through the existing
    issues and see if there is something you feel you might be good at and
    take a whack at the problem. I frequently open issues myself that I
    hope will be accomplished by someone in the future but do not have time
    to immediately implement myself.

    Another good area to help out in is documentation. I try to make sure
    that there is good document coverage, that is there should be
    documentation describing all the public features and warnings about
    common pitfalls, but an outsider's or alternate view point on such
    things would be welcome; if you see something confusing or lacks
    sufficient detail I encourage documentation only pull requests to
    improve things.