package Alien::Build::Plugin;

use strict;
use warnings;
use 5.008004;
use Data::Dumper ();
use Carp ();
use Digest::SHA ();

our @CARP_NOT = qw( alienfile Alien::Build Alien::Build::Meta );

# ABSTRACT: Plugin base class for Alien::Build
our $VERSION = '2.80'; # VERSION

sub new
  my $class = shift;
  my %args = @_ == 1 ? ($class->meta->default => $_[0]) : @_;

  my $instance_id = Digest::SHA::sha1_hex(Data::Dumper->new([$class, \%args])->Sortkeys(1)->Dump);
  my $self = bless { instance_id => $instance_id }, $class;

  my $prop = $self->meta->prop;
  foreach my $name (keys %$prop)
    $self->{$name} = defined $args{$name}
      ? delete $args{$name}
      : ref($prop->{$name}) eq 'CODE'
        ? $prop->{$name}->()
        : $prop->{$name};

  foreach my $name (keys %args)
    Carp::carp "$class has no $name property";


sub instance_id { shift->{instance_id} }

sub init
  my($self) = @_;

sub import
  my($class) = @_;

  return if $class ne __PACKAGE__;

  my $caller = caller;
  { no strict 'refs'; @{ "${caller}::ISA" } = __PACKAGE__ }

  my $meta = $caller->meta;
  my $has = sub {
    my($name, $default) = @_;
    $meta->add_property($name, $default);

  { no strict 'refs'; *{ "${caller}::has" } = $has }

my %meta;
sub meta
  my($class) = @_;
  $class = ref $class if ref $class;
  $meta{$class} ||= Alien::Build::PluginMeta->new( class => $class );

package Alien::Build::PluginMeta;

sub new
  my($class, %args) = @_;
  my $self = bless {
    prop => {},
  }, $class;

sub default
  my($self) = @_;
  $self->{default} || do {
    Carp::croak "No default for @{[ $self->{class} ]}";

sub add_property
  my($self, $name, $default) = @_;
  my $single = $name =~ s{^(\+)}{};
  $self->{default} = $name if $single;
  $self->{prop}->{$name} = $default;

  my $accessor = sub {
    my($self, $new) = @_;
    $self->{$name} = $new if defined $new;

  # add the accessor
  { no strict 'refs'; *{ $self->{class} . '::' . $name} = $accessor }


sub prop




=encoding UTF-8

=head1 NAME

Alien::Build::Plugin - Plugin base class for Alien::Build

=head1 VERSION

version 2.80


Create your plugin:

 package Alien::Build::Plugin::Type::MyPlugin;
 use Alien::Build::Plugin;
 use Carp ();
 has prop1 => 'default value';
 has prop2 => sub { 'default value' };
 has prop3 => sub { Carp::croak 'prop3 is a required property' };
 sub init
   my($self, $meta) = @_;
   my $prop1 = $self->prop1;
   my $prop2 = $self->prop2;
   my $prop3 = $self->prop3;
   $meta->register_hook(sub {
     build => [ '%{make}', '%{make} install' ],

From your L<alienfile>

 use alienfile;
 plugin 'Type::MyPlugin' => (
   prop2 => 'different value',
   prop3 => 'need to provide since it is required',


This document describes the L<Alien::Build> plugin base class.  For details
on how to write a plugin, see L<Alien::Build::Manual::PluginAuthor>.

Listed are some common types of plugins:

=over 4

=item L<Alien::Build::Plugin::Build>

Tools for building.

=item L<Alien::Build::Plugin::Core>

Tools already included.

=item L<Alien::Build::Plugin::Decode>

Normally use Download plugins which will pick the correct Decode plugins.

=item L<Alien::Build::Plugin::Digest>

Tools for checking cryptographic signatures during a C<share> install.

=item L<Alien::Build::Plugin::Download>

Methods for retrieving from the internet.

=item L<Alien::Build::Plugin::Extract>

Extract from archives that have been downloaded.

=item L<Alien::Build::Plugin::Fetch>

Normally use Download plugins which will pick the correct Fetch plugins.

=item L<Alien::Build::Plugin::Gather>

Plugins that modify or enhance the gather step.

=item L<Alien::Build::Plugin::PkgConfig>

Plugins that work with C<pkg-config> or libraries that provide the same

=item L<Alien::Build::Plugin::Prefer>

Normally use Download plugins which will pick the correct Prefer plugins.

=item L<Alien::Build::Plugin::Probe>

Look for packages already installed on the system.

=item L<Alien::Build::Plugin::Probe>

Plugins useful for unit testing L<Alien::Build> itself, or plugins for it.



=head2 new

 my $plugin = Alien::Build::Plugin->new(%props);


=head2 instance_id

 my $id = $plugin->instance_id;

Returns an instance id for the plugin.  This is computed from the class and
arguments that are passed into the plugin constructor, so technically two
instances with the exact same arguments will have the same instance id, but
in practice you should never have two instances with the exact same arguments.

=head1 METHODS

=head2 init

 $plugin->init($ab_class->meta); # $ab is an Alien::Build class name

You provide the implementation for this.  The intent is to register
hooks and set meta properties on the L<Alien::Build> class.

=head2 has

 has $prop_name;
 has $prop_name => $default;

Specifies a property of the plugin.  You may provide a default value as either
a string scalar, or a code reference.  The code reference will be called to
compute the default value, and if you want the default to be a list or hash
reference, this is how you want to do it:

 has foo => sub { [1,2,3] };

=head2 meta

 my $meta = $plugin->meta;

Returns the plugin meta object.

=head1 SEE ALSO

L<Alien::Build>, L<alienfile>, L<Alien::Build::Manual::PluginAuthor>

=head1 AUTHOR

Author: Graham Ollis E<lt>plicease@cpan.orgE<gt>


Diab Jerius (DJERIUS)

Roy Storey (KIWIROY)

Ilya Pavlov

David Mertens (run4flat)

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This software is copyright (c) 2011-2022 by Graham Ollis.

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the same terms as the Perl 5 programming language system itself.