use alienfile;
use Capture::Tiny qw( capture );

configure {
  # Because we use Capture::Tiny in
  # the alienfile itself, we need to register it
  # as a configure time require (that is it needs
  # to be installed before we even attempt to load
  # this alienfile).
  requires 'Capture::Tiny';

# probe for GNU Make by trying the usual names for
# it.  Because 'make' could be some other make, we
# try running it with --version and see if it looks
# like the GNU version.
plugin 'Probe::CommandLine' => (
  command => $_,
  args    => ['--version'],
  match   => qr/GNU Make/,
) for qw( gmake make );

share {

  # items in the share block relate to building the package
  # from source.  It is called share because it will be
  # installed into a dist level share directory in your
  # perl lib.

  # The Download negotiator picks the best method for
  # downloading the package.  It uses the version
  # regex to parse out the version number from the
  # tarball so that it can pick the most recent
  # version.
  start_url '';
  plugin 'Download' => (
    version => qr/^make-([0-9\.]+)\.tar\.gz$/,

  # The Extract negotiator picks the best method for
  # extracting from the tarball.  We give it a hint
  # here that we expect the tarball to be .gz compressed
  # in case it needs to load extra modules to
  # decompress.
  plugin 'Extract' => 'tar.gz';

  # The Autoconf plugin builds using the standard
  # configure and make tools.  It uses a DESTDIR
  # ( )
  # to ensure that the prefix during the build
  # (ie when you install the Alien::xz module)
  # matches the prefix during runtime
  # (ie when you use it from XZ::XS).
  plugin 'Build::Autoconf';

  # unlike the xz alienfile, we need to explicitly specify
  # the commands used to build.  For this package it is
  # because we need to specify --program-prefix=g so that
  # the gmake executable will be 'gmake' and will not conflict
  # with the system provided 'make' which may not be compatible.
  build [
    '%{configure} --program-prefix=g --disable-shared',
    '%{make} install',
    sub {
      my($build) = @_;
      $build->runtime_prop->{command} = 'gmake';

  # This package doesn't build a dynamic library, but if
  # it did this would make sure that it wasn't used with XS.
  # (See Alien::Build::Manual::AlienAuthor for details).
  plugin 'Gather::IsolateDynamic';


# For either a 'share' or 'system' install we try to get
# the version number from make --version output.  But if
# for whatever reason we are not able to parse it out, it
# is more important to just have gmake, so we will set
# version to unknown.
gather sub {
  my($build) = @_;
  my($stdout) = capture {
    system($build->runtime_prop->{command}, '--version');
  my($version) = $stdout =~ /GNU Make ([0-9\.]+)/;
  $build->runtime_prop->{version} = $version || 'unknown';