Revision history for Perl module Alien

0.96      2020-08-10 06:57:07 -0600
  - New GitHub org for Alien:
  - Update documentation.

0.95      2017-07-13 12:10:25 +0000
  - Fix some broken links
  - Fix some typos

0.94      2017-03-10 11:08:52 -0500
  - Add references to alienfile + Alien::Build
  - Migrate to Dist::Zilla

0.93 Mon Sep 14, 2015
  - Completely restored the original text for "ORIGINAL MANIFESTO".
    I removed the reference to Module::Build (MB), as it is not well
    regarded by the Perl toolchain developers.  Although not intended by
    me, it was suggested that it could seem a little sneaky.  Instead I
    have restored the original text in that section, and added a caveat
    that MB seems to work well for Alien distrobutions, but is no longer
    universally preferred to ExtUtils::MakeMaker (EUMM).
  - Added another caveat about Windows and Alien::MSYS
  - Made some grammar tweaks/fixes that were apparent when I read the
    documentation out loud.

0.92 Wed Sep 10 2015
  - Update documentation to reflect the past decade of actual
    Alien development.
  - Include links to #native IRC channel and Alien::Base mailing list
  - Remove dependency on Module::Build and Test::Pod.  This dist
    now has no non-core dependencies.

0.91 Mon Oct 13 16:39:22 BST 2003
  - Minor documentation nit from Rocco Caputo <>
  - META.yml file was not synchronized with the Build.PL
  - Added NINJA file.
  - Spelling fixes from Leon Brocard <>

0.9 Mon Oct 13 10:59:48 2003
  - original version; created by ExtUtils::ModuleMaker 0.32