package Yakuake::Sessions::Config;

use namespace::autoclean;

use Moo;
use Class::Usul::Functions  qw( untaint_identifier );
use File::DataClass::Types  qw( NonEmptySimpleStr Num );

extends q(Class::Usul::Config::Programs);

has 'editor'        => is => 'lazy', isa => NonEmptySimpleStr,
   default          => sub { untaint_identifier $ENV{EDITOR} || 'emacs' };

has 'nap_time'      => is => 'lazy', isa => Num, default => 0.3;

has 'storage_class' => is => 'lazy', isa => NonEmptySimpleStr,
   default          => 'JSON';

has 'tab_title'     => is => 'lazy', isa => NonEmptySimpleStr,
   default          => 'Shell';




=encoding utf8

=head1 Name

Yakuake::Sessions::Config - Attribute initialisation from configuration file

=head1 Synopsis

   use Moo;

   extends q(Class::Usul::Programs);

   has '+config_class' => default => sub { 'Yakuake::Sessions::Config' };

=head1 Description

Attribute initialisation from configuration file. Any attributes defined
in the class can be set from the configuration file

=head1 Configuration and Environment

Defines the following attributes;

=over 3

=item C<editor>

Defaults to the environment variable C<EDITOR> or if unset

=item C<nap_time>

Time in seconds to sleep whilst C<DBus> settles down

=item C<storage_class>

Defaults to C<JSON>. Format of the configuration file

=item C<tab_title>

Defaults to C<Shell>. String used for the default tab title text


=head1 Subroutines/Methods


=head1 Diagnostics


=head1 Dependencies

=over 3

=item L<Class::Usul>


=head1 Incompatibilities

There are no known incompatibilities in this module

=head1 Bugs and Limitations

There are no known bugs in this module.
Please report problems to the address below.
Patches are welcome

=head1 Acknowledgements

Larry Wall - For the Perl programming language

=head1 Author

Peter Flanigan, C<< <> >>

=head1 License and Copyright

Copyright (c) 2014 Peter Flanigan. All rights reserved

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
under the same terms as Perl itself. See L<perlartistic>

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of


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