0.66 2022-05-16

 * Fix documentation errors.

 * Add more tests.

 * Remove redunant code.

0.65 2022-04-12

 * Restore the upgrading and downgrading in "bignum", with the exception of
   upgrading from Math::BigFloat to Math::BigRat, which I couldn't make sense
   of. Now, both integer literals and integers (and Infs and NaNs) that are the
   result of a computation become Math::BigInt objects, and both non-integer
   literals and non-integers that are as a result of a computation become
   Math::BigFloat objects. The classes used for literal integers and non-
   integers during compile-time are configurable, as well as the classes used
   for downgrading and upgrading during runtime.

 * Add the "bigfloat" pragma, which converts all numeric literals to
   Math::BigFloat objects. This is consistent with the "bigint" pragma, which
   converts all numeric literals to Math::BigInt objects, and the "bigrat"
   pragma which converts all numeric literals to Math::BigRat objects.

0.64 2021-12-28

 * Fix CPAN RT #140470. The pragmas ignored user-specified backend libraries.
   Add tests to verify the fix.

 * Add missing documentation.

0.63 2021-10-08

 * This version instroduces no changes to the Perl modules, only the tests.

 * Remove tests that don't work on old Perls and that were actually testing
   Math::Big(Int|Float|Rat) more than big(int|num|rat).

 * Skip tests that don't work on older versions of Perl.

 * Remove Perl v5.10.0 as dependency. This distribution is compatible with Perls
   back to at least v5.6.1, although some functionality (e.g., nesting the
   pragmas) requires more recent versions of Perl.

0.62 2021-10-03

 * Add support for multiple options in import(), so that one can use, e.g.,

    use bignum accuracy => 20, lib => "GMP";

 * Make sure the bigrat pragma always returns Math::BigRat objects.

 * Make the "trace" option work as indended, or at least according to what I
   believe is the intention.

 * Improve documentation. Fix typos, improve wording, add more examples etc.

0.61 2021-10-01

 * Improve documentation related to floating point literals.

 * Skip tests that fail due to Perl's broken handling of floating point literals
   before v5.32.0.

0.60 2021-09-28

 * Separate the bigint, bignum, and bigrat pragmas.

   - The bigint pragma now converts every numeric constant that represents an
     integer to a Math::BigInt object. Non-integers are converted to
     Math::BigInt NaNs. With the previous behaviour, only some numeric constant
     integers were converted to a Math::BigInt.

   - The bignum pragma now converts every numeric constant to a Math::BigFloat

   - The bigrat pragma now converts every numeric constant to a Math::BigRat

   The pragmas no longer activate upgrading and downgrading. The upgrading and
   downgrading must now be activated explicitly. The rationale behind
   deactivating it by default is that can cause infinite looping where objects
   bounce back and forth between different classes. Explicitly requesting a
   specific class doesn't always work either, because the object might be
   automatically upgraded or downgraded to a different class.

   Only one pragma can be used at a time in a given scope. Enabling one pragma
   disables the others in the same scope.

 * Implementat working version of "no bigint", "no bignum", and "no bigrat".
   Previously, the upgrading and downgrading activated by, e.g., "use bigint"
   was not deactivated by "no bigint".

 * Sync behaviour with the Math-BigInt distribution.

0.53 2021-07-12

 * Sync with the Math-BigInt distribution.

0.52 2021-07-10

 * Updated BUGS and SUPPORT sections in POD (remove dead links, add reference
   to GitHub repo, update the author's e-mail address, etc.).

 * Add tests to verify that Math::BigInt::Lite supports new functionality
   introduced in Math::BigInt.

0.51 2018-10-08

 * Better way to catch warnings (CPAN RT #126900).

 * Better Makefile.PL.

0.50 2018-04-17

 * Fix t/option_l.t to match changes in Math::BigInt.

 * The tests now require Test::More version 0.88 or newer.

 * New MANIFEST.SKIP file based on the template in the ExtUtils-Manifest

 * Format CHANGES according to CPAN::Changes::Spec.

 * Add test files t/release-test-version.t, t/release-portability.t, and

 * Convert test file t/02pod.t to t/release-pod.t and t/03podcov.t to

0.49 2018-02-03 pjacklam

 * Improve specification of required modules in Makefile.PL.

 * Fix typo in CHANGES file.

0.48 2018-01-31 pjacklam

 * According to the CPAN testers reports, Perl v5.10 or later is required, so
   make Perl v5.10 the minimum required version.

 * Verify that CPAN RT #102006 is fixed.

0.47 2016-12-13 pjacklam

 * Add more logic to Makefile.PL regarding INSTALLDIRS (CPAN RT #119199
   and #119225).

0.46 2016-12-11 pjacklam

 * Fix Makefile.PL so that this module installs over the core version.

0.45 2016-12-03 pjacklam

 * Use ExtUtils::MakeMaker rather than Module::Install in Makefile.PL

 * Remove INSTALL file. The information is in the README file.

 * Improve documentation in BUGS and SUPPORT sections in POD in bignum.pm,
   bigint.pm, and bigrat.pm.

 * Remove unused variables in Math/BigInt/Trace.pm and Math/BigFloat/Trace.pm

 * Update README and BUGS files.

 * Remove code that was accidentally left in t/infnan.inc after debugging.

 * Remove author information in LICENSE file.

 * Trim whitespace.

 * CHANGES file now has the same formatting as other Math::BigInt-related

0.44 2016-11-15 pjacklam

 * Update bundled Module::Install from version 1.16 to version 1.17.

 * Replace function calls with method calls.

 * Include patch for CPAN RT #116506.

0.43 2016-07-09 pjacklam

 * Replace function calls with method calls.

0.42 2016-01-05 pjacklam

 * "use strict" and "use warnings" everywhere.

 * Reformat some if the code according to the "perlstyle" man page. It makes
   the code easier for read, for me at least.

 * Add descriptions to tests.

 * Reorder CHANGES to chronological order.

 * Use bpi() as a class method, not a function.

 * Replace "use vars ..." with "our ...".

 * More descriptive variable names.

 * Start POD sections with =pod

 * Allow "nan", "inf", and "infinity", and ingore case, since core Perl allows
   these. We want to be compatible. Add tests to "infnan.inc".

0.41 2015-09-25 pjacklam

 * hex() and oct() now have the same semantics as the corresponding core
   functions. E.g., hex("cat") returns 202 and a warning "Illegal hexadecimal
   digit 't' ignored at ..." rather than NaN.

 * Added test files auth-bigint-hex.t and auth-bigint-oct.t.

 * Minimum required version of the Math-BigInt distro is now 1.992.

0.40 2015-09-22 pjacklam

 * Sync with blead.

 * Update author information in Makefile.PL.

0.39 2015-09-14 pjacklam

 * bignum tests: use eval-block instead of eval-string

 * bignum tests: use eval block to load Math::BigInt::Lite

 * Set version number in all .pm files to 0.39.

 * Display information about module versions in 01load.t.

0.38 2015-08-28 pjacklam

 * Synchronise with blead perl.

 * Minimum required Math-BigInt is v1.88.

 * Update bundled Module::Install from v1.08 to v1.16.

0.37 2014-04-03 pjacklam

 * Synchronise with blead perl.

 * Added new '00sig.t', '01load.t', '02pod.t', and '03pod_cov.t'.

 * Removed old 'pod.t' and 'podcov.t'

0.30 2012-09-11 rafl 302 tests

 * Synchronise with blead perl.

0.29 2011-08-08 rafl 302 tests

 * Synchronise with blead perl.

0.28 2011-07-09 rafl 302 tests

 * Synchronise with blead perl.

0.25 2010-09-15 rafl 302 tests

 * Synchronise with blead perl
   Only changes in the tests.

0.24 2010-09-04 rafl 301 tests

 * Apply changes from blead perl
   Mostly POD fixes and minor test tweaks.

0.23 2008-04-05 Tels 301 tests

 * require Math::BigInt v1.88

 * require Math::BigRat v0.21

 * update bundles Module::Install

 * require Perl 5.006 (vs. 5.006002), should work with that

0.22 2007-06-30 Tels 301 tests

 * make the pragmas lexical, so that "no bigint;" etc. works

 * make "use bigint; use bignum;" not warn about redefining "inf" and "NaN"
   This also means a "use bigint;" will not override any already existing
   "inf" or "NaN" routine

 * require Math::BigInt v1.87

 * fix #27059: t/option_l.t fails

 * on Perl 5.9.4 or later: "overload" hex() and oct() with lexical routines
   that also handle arbitrary big integers

 * for all Perls: make "use bigint qw/hex oct/" export global hex() and oct()
   routines that work with big integers

 * make bignum.pm and bigrat.pm re-use code from bigint.pm

 * add exportable bpi() and bexp() methods

 * add exportable PI and e constants

0.21 2007-04-17 Tels 205 tests

 * require Math::BigInt v1.83

 * require Math::BigRat v0.19

 * add support for "try" and "only"

 * fix licence field back to "perl"

0.20 2007-04-09 Tels 198 tests

 * require Math::BigInt v1.82

 * require Math::BigRat v0.18

 * add a test for bug #18025:
   "bignum/bigrat can lead to a number that is both 1 and 0"

 * POD test needs Test::Pod::Coverage 1.08 to work

0.19 2007-02-03 Tels 194 tests

 * require Math::BigInt v1.79

 * require Perl v5.6.2

 * add Build.PL

 * use Module::Install

 * remove PREREQ_FATAL since the toolchain is broken

 * apply spelling fixes to POD

0.18 2007-01-27 Tels 194 tests

 * require Math::BigInt 1.78

 * add support for octal constants


 * add POD tests

0.17 2005-04-03 Tels 184 tests

 * remove the default library 'Calc', and let Bigint et. al. decide instead
   which library to load as default

0.16 2005-01-01 Tels 184 tests

 * option "l", "a", and "p" did not work under -Mbigrat

 * little doc fixes

 * add more tests, convert some testfiles to Test::More

0.15 2004-03-12 Tels 175 tests

 * small nitpick fix for Math::BigInt v1.70

0.14 2003-07-04 Tels 175 tests (released)

 * small nits fixed

 * allow parameters a and p for bigrat

 * added doc about shallow copies like $x = $y and method calls

 * precision()/accuracy()/round_mode() save now one call and are thus faster

 * bigrat() now calls Math::BigRat->precision|accuracy|round_mode, too

 * distribution is now signed, go to http://bloodgate.com/tels.asc for key

0.13 2002-08-24 Tels

 * added a LOT to the documentation

 * tests don't go "huh" anymore

 * bninfnan.t has the correct setup for testing in the core

0.12 2002-08-13 Tels

 * INSTALLDIRS => perl

 * document that use bignum/bigint/bigrat is global, not only in current block

 * added default exported inf() and NaN() routines to fix the second example:
   perl -Mbignum -e 'print 1 + inf,"\n"'
   perl -Mbignum -e 'print inf + inf,"\n"'

 * tests for inf()/NaN()

0.11 2002-03-25 Tels

 * testsuite failed under Lite due to specific tests for MBI

 * removed the printing of "Loading ..." to STDERR (interfered w/ something)

 * more tests for bigrat and bignum

 * trace.t remvoed due to VMS problems

0.10 2002-03-17 Tels

 * bigint: handle floating point constants like '4.5', '45e-1', '4.56e1' by
           truncating them to integer, so:
   perl -Mbigint -le 'print 4.5+4.5'

0.09 2002-03-12 Tels

 * added bigint.pm as a better way of perl -MMath::BigInt=:constant

 * tests for that

 * bigrat: some typos

0.08 2002-03-11 Tels

 * doc fixes/types and 'l' is equal to 'lib' (thanx to Dan Sullivan)

 * added tests for l, lib, and foo (the latter is expected to die)

 * uses Math::BigInt::Lite when it finds it, otherwise just plain M::BI

 * added tests for loading of Lite

 * version output includes Math::BigInt::Lite when it was used

 * rewritten README and INSTALL document

0.07 2002-03-05 Tels

 * new options: a (accuracy) and p (precision)

 * doc and tests improved quite a lot

0.06 2002-02-26 Tels

 * options can now be in short (one letter) or long form

 * new option: t or trace

 * old option: v or version

 * included Math::BigInt::Trace for trace

0.05 2002-02-24 Tels

 * Comes now in two flavours: Normal (bignum) and Rat-flavoured (bigrat)
       te@null:~ > perl -Mbignum=v
       Math::BigInt     v1.52 lib => Math::BigInt::Calc v0.23
       Math::BigFloat   v1.29
       te@null:~ > perl -Mbigrat=v
       Math::BigInt     v1.52 lib => Math::BigInt::Calc v0.23
       Math::BigFloat   v1.29
       Math::BigRat     v0.02

0.04 2002-02-21 Tels

 * added :constant to Math::BigFloat loading and tests for it

 * added v to import to print version and exit:

       te@null:~ > perl -Mbignum=v
       Math::BigInt     v1.51 lib => Math::BigInt::Calc v0.22
       Math::BigFloat   v1.28
       Math::BigRat     v0.02
       te@null:~ > perl -Mbignum=v,lib,Pari
       Math::BigInt     v1.51 lib => Math::BigInt::Pari v1.07
       Math::BigFloat   v1.28
       Math::BigRat     v0.02

0.03 2002-02-10 Tels

 * renamed to bignum

 * added dependency and loading of Math::BigRat

0.02 2002-01-29 Tels

 * AUTOLOAD, cleaned up a bit

0.01 2002-01-29 Tels

 * first version