I wish to thank the following people:

* Mark A. Biggar and Ilya for the original versions.
* Steffen Beyer for the discussions and ideas, and for Bit::Vector.
* Bruce Fields for spotting bugs.
* Mark Dickinson for spotting bugs.
* HH for listening to my boring explanations.
* Peter Prymmer for spotting the OS/390 problems with / 1e5
* Tom Phoenix for the discussions about factoring/primes/speed.
* John Peacock for pushing me to finish Math::BigInt::Calc.
* Benjamin Trott for the _split optimization and finding the bug in badd()
* Daniel Pfeiffer for v0.49
* Compaq for their TestDrive accounts and the admins managing them - this makes
  testing on a large variety of platforms possible. Thanx!
* Sisyphus for the discussions and ideas
* Jarkko for the inf/NaN help and for beeing generally helpful and witty
* Creager, Robert S for pointing me towards the precision/accuracy bug and for
  general asking questions and providing feedback
* Feztaa for the report that let to the discovery of the _rsft() bug in v1.61
  He also deserves the mention as the first known user of bignum :)
* Tim Rushing for reporting the bsqrt() hang and giving me the chance to
  improve BigInt/BigFloat.
* cpan@ali.as for reporting the floor() bug with 0.1412024 and providing a
  fix and testcase - thanx!
* Stephen Ross for finding the -2 ** Y with odd Y bug

Special thanx must go to John Peacock and Tom Roche, both have helped me a lot
in developing the latest version, not only by cheerfully kicking my lazy butt
from time to time, but also by providing advice, bug-reports, suggestions and
nagging questions, as well as bearing with my countless ranting emails. So,
thank you very much!

Also I want to thank all the ever-busy people on p5p. You guys (and gals) rock!

List still not complete ;o)

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