Revision history for Future-XS

0.10    2023-03-28
         * Remember to destroy the `catches` HV after immediate `->thencatch`
         * Many other small refcount-related bugfixes
         * Provide MAGIC with an `svt_dup` function on threaded perls, so as
           not to break objects on destruction of sidecar threads
         * Don't SEGV when DESTROY is run during global destruction and some
           SVs have already been reclaimed

0.09    2023-03-17
         * Improved rethrow of failures to set a more accurate thrower
           location file+line number (related to RT145249)

0.08    2022-12-11
         * Now requires perl v5.24 or later
           This is due to a bugfix for RT145597 which does not work on earlier

         * Remember to PUTBACK after POPx'ing after a call_method/call_sv
         * Throw an exception if instance methods are not called on an
           instance, rather than segfaulting

0.07    2022-12-06
         * Ensure that `$f->retain` on a completed Future::XS returns the
           future and not undef (RT145168)
         * Include the real stringified future SV in croak messages rather
           than the placeholder `(SELF)` text

0.06    2022-09-27
         * Bugfixes for convergent constructors on pre-cancelled futures

0.05    2022-09-23
         * Always invoke the real ->new method for prototype cloning
         * Only inflate real Future::Exception instances, not any object
         * Implement compaction logic for on_cancel AVs
         * Don't crash on attempts to revoke cancellation from lost futures

0.04    2022-09-13
         * Implement remaining bits of API and behaviour in order to make the
           full set of Future dist tests pass

         * Many many (many) bugfixes to refcounting and reference tracking,
           especially around the on_cancel revocation list
         * getenv() needs aTHX when running on Windows

0.03    2022-08-16
         * Added many new methods:
            + the new udata API
            + the timing capture methods
            + ->get and ->await
            + the `_with_f` variant methods
         * Implement proper subclassing support
         * Upgrade non-future results from sequencing methods into
           future instances

         * Declare test-time dependency of Test::Fatal

0.02    2022-08-11
         * Declare test-time dependencies of Test::Identity and Test::Refcount
         * Before perl 5.36 we'll have to add -std=c99 to the compiler flags
         * Fix weird typo of `RETVAL` in .xs file
         * Use `XS_INTERNAL()` rather than `static XS()` because cygwin

0.01    2022-08-10
        First version, released on an unsuspecting world.