Revision history for FCGI-Async

0.21    CHANGES:
         * Implement HTTP::Request/HTTP::Response gatewaying
         * Implement PSGI gatewaying
         * Provide Plack::Handler::FCGI::Async for plackup
         * Implement ->stdin, ->stdout, ->stderr pseudo-filehandles

0.20    CHANGES:
         * Use Net::FastCGI for low-level FastCGI constants and message
           handling functions
         * Ensure that ->set_encoding( undef ) actually works to disable the
           encoding mechanism

         * Collect the entire PARAMS stream and only parse it when it's all
           present, rather than piecewise

0.19    CHANGES:
         * import Exporter::import instead of @ISAing it
         * Respond with FCGI_UNKNOWN_TYPE or FCGI_UNKNOWN_ROLE when
           appropriate (fixes RT 54480)
         * Updated bundled example applications to a modern IO::Async style

0.18    CHANGES:
         * Allow setting of per-request encoding for STDIN/STDOUT/STDERR
         * Code adjustment to make use of the new IO::Async::Listener class
         * Deprecated ->listen( handle => IO ) in favour of ->new or
           ->configure instead.

0.17    CHANGES:
         * Added 'use warnings'
         * Documentation updates
         * Various small updates to keep CPANTS happy

0.16    BUGFIXES:
         * Support FCGI_GET_VALUES 
         * Use Test::HexString and wait_for_stream() during testing

0.15    BUGFIXES:
         * Correctly handle webserver-aborted requests - silently discard

0.14    CHANGES:
         * Reworked constructor to use IO::Async::Loop->listen(). Allows
           specifying a specific hostname.
         * Added Request->stream_stdout_then_finish().
         * Combine small stream writes into larger ones, to gain overhead
           efficiences over the TCP socket.

         * Respect the FCGI_KEEP_CONN flag to close connections if required

0.13    CHANGES:
         * Updated for IO::Async 0.11:
            + IO::Async::Set is now ::Loop
            + IO::Async::Buffer is now ::Stream
            + Use of $loop->watch_child() in examples rather than hand-coded
              around watching SIGCHLD directly.

0.12    BUGFIXES:
         * Updated to IO::Async::Buffer 0.10 (method/event renames)

0.11    CHANGES:
         * Allow Request->finish() to take an exitcode

         * Cope with environment parameters longer than 127 bytes
         * Small updates to included 'example' scripts

0.10    CHANGES:
         * Added CGI->FastCGI gateway example

         * Better handling of ->read_stdin_line()

0.09:   CHANGES:
         * Added 'fortune' example
         * Better testing of connection reuse
         * Support printing to STDERR FastCGI stream

0.08:   CHANGES:
         * First version to be based on IO::Async

0.07:   CHANGES:
         * Changed build system from ExtUtils::MakeMaker to Module::Build

Versions before this did not appear on CPAN, and no 'Changes' notes are
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