XML::Handler::Dtd2Html - Generate a HTML documentation from a DTD

    dtd2html is a front-end for XML::Handler::Dtd2Html and its subclasses.
    It uses them to generate HTML documentation from DTD source.

    Because it uses XML::Parser and an external DTD is not a valid XML
    document, the input source must be an XML document with an internal DTD
    or an XML document that refers to an external DTD.

    The goal of this tool is to increase the level of documentation in DTD
    and to supply a more readable format for DTD.

    It is a tool for DTD users, not for writer.

    This tool needs XML::SAX::Expat and XML::Parser modules.

    Standard build/installation supported by ExtUtils::MakeMaker(3)...
	$ perl Makefile.PL
	$ make
	$ make install

Send bug reports, comments and suggestions to francois.perrad@gadz.org