Sah::SchemaR::color::ansi16 - ANSI-16 color, either a number from 0-15 or color names like "black", "bold red", etc


This document describes version 0.014 of Sah::SchemaR::color::ansi16 (from Perl distribution Sah-Schemas-Color), released on 2021-07-19.


This module is automatically generated by Dist::Zilla::Plugin::Sah::Schemas during distribution build.

A Sah::SchemaR::* module is useful if a client wants to quickly lookup the base type of a schema without having to do any extra resolving. With Sah::Schema::*, one might need to do several lookups if a schema is based on another schema, and so on. Compare for example Sah::Schema::poseven vs Sah::SchemaR::poseven, where in Sah::SchemaR::poseven one can immediately get that the base type is int. Currently Perinci::Sub::Complete uses Sah::SchemaR::* instead of Sah::Schema::* for reduced startup overhead when doing tab completion.


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