progress-any-eg-progressbar-02-multiple-tasks-one-progressbar - Two tasks, progress bar for the whole two tasks


This document describes version 0.005 of progress-any-eg-progressbar-02-multiple-tasks-one-progressbar (from Perl distribution Progress-Any-Examples), released on 2020-07-09.


 % progress-any-eg-progressbar-02-multiple-tasks-one-progressbar [target_x] [target_y]


This example shows two progress indicators, one for task 'x' and another for task 'y'. We then use the terminal progress bar output, which by default shows the progress for the task '' (which includes the tasks 'x' and 'y').

Unless the targets for both 'x' and 'y' are specified, the progress bar cannot show the percentage of completion. If percentage of completion for 'x' is unknown, or that for 'y' is unknown, then the percentage of completion for the whole two tasks (task '', the root task) is also unknown.

When percentage of completion is unknown, the progress bar will show a running bar.

Also note that to clean the progress bar, we need to call finish() on the root task.


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