0.852   2021-08-01  Released-By: PERLANCAR; Urgency: medium

	- Update test to newer Data::Sah::Normalize (0.051, via Data::Sah
	  0.909) (RT#138250).

0.851   2019-07-04  Released-By: PERLANCAR; Urgency: medium

	- Observe function feature 'validate_args' in Rinci metadata, and
	  disable validate_args by default if function states that it can
	  validate args on its own.

0.850   2019-04-15  Released-By: PERLANCAR

	- Update to Rinci 1.1.88 (slurpy).

0.84    2017-07-10  Released-By: PERLANCAR

	- No functional changes.

	- Replace Log::Any with Log::ger.

0.83    2016-06-02  Released-By: PERLANCAR

        - No functional changes.

        - Adjust to Data::Sah 0.79 (introduced v in compilation data, modules
          become array of records).

0.82    2016-02-04  Released-By: PERLANCAR

	- [Bugfix] When arg/result is stream, check that schema must be
	  str/buf/array and when schema is array use the schema specified
	  in its 'of' clause.

0.81    2016-01-22  Released-By: PERLANCAR

	- No functional changes.

	- Show streaming record (input this time) that fails validation, to
	  aid debugging.

0.80    2016-01-20  Released-By: PERLANCAR

	- No functional changes.

	- Show streaming record/sub result that fails validation, to aid

	- Bump prereq version Log::Any::IfLOG to 0.07.

0.79    2015-09-04  Released-By: PERLANCAR

	- No functional changes.

	- [dist] Move spec prereqs from RuntimeRequires to
	  DevelopRecommends to reduce deps but still allow indicating spec

0.78    2015-05-23  Released-By: PERLANCAR

	- Add wrap options: core, core_or_pp, pp (like in Data::Sah).

0.77    2015-05-13  Released-By: PERLANCAR

	- Check args_rels property.

0.76    2015-04-25  Released-By: PERLANCAR

        - Make sure we also use ## as trailing comment when debug=1 [RT#103932].

        - Add a couple of benchmark devscripts.

0.75    2015-02-26  Released-By: PERLANCAR

	- No functional changes.

	- Switch from Log::Any to Log::Any::IfLOG.

0.74    2015-02-19  Released-By: PERLANCAR

        - Ignore entity_date property (produced by Perinci::Access::Perl, for

        - Properly handle use/no statements from Data::Sah compilation result,
          instead of converting them to require statements.

0.73    2015-02-18  Released-By: PERLANCAR

	- Make sure we always use ## as trailing comment, to make it easier
	  for others (like Dist::Zilla::Plugin::Rinci::Wrap) to strip the

0.72    2015-02-10  Released-By: PERLANCAR

	- No functional changes.

	- Fix typo in deps [GH#1].

0.71    2015-01-21  Released-By: PERLANCAR

	- No functional changes.

	- Remove debugging diag().

0.70    2015-01-17  Released-By: PERLANCAR

	- Support Rinci 1.1.71: streaming input & output now uses coderef only
          (not filehandle or tied array or IO::Handle-like object). We also
          support per-record validation of streaming input & output.

0.69    2015-01-16  Released-By: PERLANCAR

	- Handle argument validation when stream=1.

0.68    2015-01-11  Released-By: PERLANCAR

	- Handle 'result/stream' property, add validation for streaming

0.67    2014-12-10  Released-By: PERLANCAR

	- No functional changes.

	- Use new name of renamed/split module SHARYANTO::String::Util ->

0.66     2014-10-29  Released-By: PERLANCAR

         [BUG FIXES]

         - Argument specification property 'default' was not used when there is
           no schema.

         - Typo: unimplemented status is 501, not 502.

0.65     2014-10-23  Released-By: PERLANCAR


         - Remove support for 'encoding' (removed in Rinci 1.1.62).
           Handling/encoding binary data will be handled at the Riap level.

0.64     2014-10-22  Released-By: PERLANCAR

         - Support result specification property 'encoding' by automatic
           encoding of result when property is set (Rinci 1.1.61).

         - Support argument specification property 'encoding' by automatic
           decoding of function arguments when property is set (Rinci 1.1.59).

0.63     2014-10-15  Released-By: PERLANCAR

         - Add support for arg submetadata & arg element submetadata (Rinci

         - [Bugfix] schema_is_normalized arg in Sah schema compilation was
           incorrectly reversed.

0.62     2014-09-06  Released-By: PERLANCAR

         - Tweak/fix logic of setting default value for validate_{args,result}.
           First set default to 0 if the function metadata attribute
           'x.perinci.sub.wrapper.disable_validate_{args,result}' is defined
           (this was not done before; it's useful if e.g. args is validated
           using code inserted by Dist::Zilla::Plugin::Rinci::Validate). If that
           attribute is not defined, set default to 0 if there is previous log
           of validate args/result ('x.perinci.sub.wrapper.logs'). Of course,
           all of this is only if validate_{args,result} argument for wrap_sub()
           is not defined.

0.61     2014-05-01  Released-By: SHARYANTO

         - No functional changes.

         - Bump prereq version Sah::Schema::Rinci to avoid fail reports [CT].

0.60     2014-04-30  Released-By: SHARYANTO

         - [Bugfix] Forgot to ignore internal properties (/^_.+/).

0.59     2014-04-30  Released-By: SHARYANTO

         - In this release Perinci::Sub::Wrapper now uses
         Perinci::Sub::Normalize and several features are removed.


         - Conversion of v (1.0 -> 1.1) is now removed. Only v1.1 metadata are
           accepted. This makes the code simpler and the feature should seldom
           be used nowadays. Those who still need the functionality can now use
           Perinci::Sub::Convert::v, which is extracted from this module.

         - Conversion of default_lang is now removed. This makes the code
           simpler and the feature should seldom be used. Those who still need
           the functionality can now use Perinci::Sub::Convert::default_lang,
           which is extracted from this module.

         - Remove the _remove_internal_properties option (which is undocumented

         - The whole modify_meta code is removed. Metadata should now just be
           normalized using Perinci::Sub::Normalize instead.

0.58     2014-04-10  Released-By: SHARYANTO

         - No functional changes.

         - Replace Data::Clone with Function::Fallback::CoreOrPP.

0.57     2014-03-28  Released-By: SHARYANTO


         - Remove (deprecated) sections: {before,after}_call. They have been
           replaced with the more fine-grained {before,after}_call_* sections.

         - Add sections: before_call_right_before_call,


         - result property: check unknown result spec properties.

         - result property: Can load Perinci::Sub::Property::result::* modules
           to handle unknown result spec properties. An example of this is

0.56     2014-03-27  Released-By: SHARYANTO


         - Rename Rinci attribute 'x.perinci.sub.wrapper.log{,s}' to be more

0.55     2014-03-12  Released-By: SHARYANTO

         - Add section: after_call_after_res_validation.

0.54     2014-03-08  Released-By: SHARYANTO

         - deps property: Require Perinci::Sub::DepChecker so it's detectable by

0.53     2014-03-07  Released-By: SHARYANTO

         [BUG FIXES]

         - In embed mode should also put wrap log.


         - Mark embed mode in wrap log, so Perinci::Access::Perl can choose to
           skip re-wrapping if already wrapped in embed mode.

         - Add _extra_sah_compiler_args option (for passing comment=>0, for

         - Always keep comments in generated code on their own lines (to make it
           easier to squish the code, like in Dist::Zilla::Plugin::Rinci::Wrap).

0.52     2014-03-07  Released-By: SHARYANTO

         - Fixes for Perinci::Sub::Property::retry.

         - Don't hide/trap the error when requiring property module.

         - When 'sub' as well as 'sub_name' is given, use 'sub' when calling the
           subroutine. 'sub_name' is used to print out nice name for the sub.

0.51     2014-03-06  Released-By: SHARYANTO

         - This release removes some features to make the module simpler and has
           less overhead for simpler cases. The wrapper is now also able to
           generate code appropriate for embedding directly into source code
           during build (see Dist::Zilla::Plugin::Rinci::Wrap for more details).


         - No longer bless wrapped subroutines to mark it as wrapped (see log=>1

         [NEW FEATURES]

         - New option embed=>1 to generate code suitable for embedding/insertion
           to existing code. Most users need not use it directly; instead, use

         - Add option log=>1 (enabled by default) to generate wrap log (instead
           of blessing the subroutine). This log contains information that can
           help avoid duplicating argument validation, etc.


         - Remove option: remove_internal_properties (becomes internal

         - Remove options: allow_invalid_args and allow_unknown_args (they are
           now regulated by validate_args).

         - Remove option: normalize_schema (becomes internal

         - Remove option: skip (unused).

         - Remove option: trap (automatically will generate trap if needed).

         - Remove option: forbid_tags (unused; currently only used to forbid
           properties that generate 'die', but since we'll trap at the level of
           Perinci::Access::Perl and Perinci::Access::HTTP::Server instead of
           function wrapper, this is okay).

         - Remove function: wrap_all_subs()  Released-By: unused

         - Remove the reading of _perinci.sub.wrapper.* meta attributes (replace
           it with x.perinci.sub.wrapper.log).

         - Remove the reading of PERINCI_WRAPPER_VALIDATE_ARGS.


         - All variables in the generated code are now prefixed by '_w_' to
           reduce the possibility of clash. The one exception is 'args'

         - Wrapper code is more minimalistic when there are not much to do (e.g.
           validate_args=>0, validate_result=>0), to reduce overhead and clutter
           (especially when embed=>1).

0.50     2014-01-03  Released-By: SHARYANTO

         - wrapper: Rethrow (warn()) exception when wrapped function dies, to
           aid debugging.

0.49     2013-12-25  Released-By: SHARYANTO

         - Handle (ignore) argument spec's 'cmdline_on_getopt (Rinci 1.1.43).

0.48     2013-11-13  Released-By: SHARYANTO

         - Handle (ignore) argument spec's 'element_completion' property (Rinci

         - Handle argument spec's 'default' property (Rinci 1.1.42).

0.47     2013-11-08  Released-By: SHARYANTO

         [BUG FIXES]

         - When compile=0, wrap_sub() didn't return meta.

0.46     2013-10-02  Released-By: SHARYANTO

         - Can accept sub_name only instead of sub.

0.45     2013-09-07  Released-By: SHARYANTO

         - Handle (ignore) property 'entity_v' (Rinci 1.1.36).

0.44     2013-08-12  Released-By: SHARYANTO

         - No functional changes. Remove dependency to Perinci::Util (in 0.35,
           get_package_meta_accessor is removed).

0.43     2013-08-07  Released-By: SHARYANTO

         - No functional changes. Add 'use experimental smartmatch' for 5.18+.

0.42     2013-08-06  Released-By: SHARYANTO

         - Handle (ignore) property 'x' in arg spec.

0.41     2013-04-11  Released-By: SHARYANTO

         - Handle (ignore) property 'x' (new in Rinci 1.1.35).

0.40     2013-03-11  Released-By: SHARYANTO

         - Allow function arguments in the form of 'abc.def' (e.g. produced by

0.39     2013-01-16  Released-By: SHARYANTO

         - No functional changes. Move test to Perinci-Sub-PropertyUtil to avoid
           circular dependency [RT#82712].

0.38     2013-01-15  Released-By: SHARYANTO

         - No functional changes. Update module name in test script [RT#82712].

0.37     2013-01-11  Released-By: SHARYANTO



         - Observe LINENUM.

         [BUG FIXES]

         - Declare variables needed by validator code.

         - Use Data::Sah 0.10.

0.36     2012-11-07  Released-By: SHARYANTO

         - No functional changes. Fix handling argument name that is not
           alphanum-only (e.g. 'foo.is', 'bar.contains', these are generated by

0.35     2012-11-03  Released-By: SHARYANTO

         - No functional changes. Minor optimization for generated code, add FAQ

0.34     2012-11-03  Released-By: SHARYANTO


         - Follow Rinci 1.1.32.

         - Wrapper code now validates result.

         - Wrapper code now rejects invalid args (like 'foo bar') unless new
           option 'allow_invalid_args' is turned on.

         - Wrapper code now rejects unknown args (those not specified in 'args'
           metadata property), unless new option 'allow_unknown_args' is turned

         - Add options 'validate_args' to allow skipping validating arguments,
           'validate_result' to allow skipping validating result, 'skip' to skip
           certain properties, 'allow_unknown_args', 'allow_invalid_args'.

         - Most wrapping options can now be specified in the metadata attributes
           ('_perinci.sub.wrapper.*', e.g.


         - Move caller() to Perinci-Util (Perinci::Sub::Util) to reduce startup
           overhead modules which only need caller() and not the whole wrapper.

0.33     2012-10-26  Released-By: SHARYANTO


         - Wrapper code now validates arguments!

0.32     2012-08-16  Released-By: SHARYANTO


         - Change logger setting variable $Log_{Perinci_,}Wrapper_Code

0.31     2012-08-16  Released-By: SHARYANTO

         - No functional changes. Remove sub entry/exit log. Users should now
           use Log::Any::For::Package for this.

         - Wrapper code is only logged if $Log_Perinci_Wrapper_Code is true. You
           can set via environment variable LOG_PERINCI_WRAPPER_CODE.

0.30     2012-08-09  Released-By: SHARYANTO


         - Now looks for property handler in Perinci::Sub::Property::* instead
           of Perinci::Sub::property::* (fix casing).

0.29     2012-08-08  Released-By: SHARYANTO

         - Add caller() function.

0.28     2012-08-04  Released-By: SHARYANTO

         - Add wrapped() function.

0.27     2012-08-02  Released-By: SHARYANTO

         - No functional changes. Update to new Perinci::Role::MetaAccessor
           interface (0.26).

0.26     2012-08-01  Released-By: SHARYANTO


         - Add wrap_all_subs().

0.25     2012-07-31  Released-By: SHARYANTO


         - Change handling of 'result_naked' property so that 'dies_on_error'
           property can get result status + message properly.


         - Add argument: sub_name (also so that 'dies_on_error' property can
           display proper die message showing subroutine name).

         - Add argument: forbid_tags.

0.24     2012-07-31  Released-By: SHARYANTO


         - Introduce protocol version which must be specified by all property
           handlers (assumed to be 1 if unspecified). This is bumped whenever an
           incompatible change at the basic structure of wrapper code is
           introduced. Bumping the protocol version will force all existing
           property handlers to be updated.

         - Bump protocol version from 1 to 2: to return result immediately,
           handler must now say 'goto RETURN_RES' instead of 'return $res'
           directly. This is so that some handlers get the last chance to do
           something to $res before it is returned.


         - Introduce section: 'before_return_res'.

0.23     2012-07-29  Released-By: SHARYANTO


         - When encountering an unknown property, automatically try to require
           Perinci::Sub::property::PROP first. So you don't have to manually
           use() the property modules.

         - Add wrap_sub() argument 'debug' to show debugging in generated code.
           Currently show the handler from which each line comes from.

         - Check known arg spec key.

0.22     2012-06-21  Released-By: SHARYANTO

         - features: Require transaction ('-tx_manager' argument) if
           features->{tx}{req} is 1.

0.21     2012-06-07  Released-By: SHARYANTO


         - deps: '-undo_trash_dir' argument is not needed when '-tx_manager'
           argument is given.

0.20     2012-06-07  Released-By: SHARYANTO

         - Update to Rinci 1.1.18 (some new deps introduced: 'tmp_dir',
           'trash_dir', 'undo_trash_dir'; some removed: 'undo_storage').

0.19     2012-03-22  Released-By: SHARYANTO


         - 'default_lang' also converts language properties in tag metadata in

0.18     2012-03-21  Released-By: SHARYANTO

         - No functional changes. Rebuild with Perinci PodWeaver plugin enabled.

0.17     2012-03-21  Released-By: SHARYANTO


         - Convert 'default_lang' property.

         - 'remove_internal_properties' now also removes internal properties in
           'result', 'examples', and 'links'.

0.16     2012-03-16  Released-By: SHARYANTO


         - Convert 1.0 - 1.1: Set argument spec's summary from argument schema.

0.15     2012-02-28  Released-By: SHARYANTO

         [NEW FEATURES]

         - Handle 'cmdline_aliases' (Rinci 1.1.8+)

         - Convert 1.0 'arg_aliases' to 'cmdline_aliases'

         - Add 'remove_internal_properties' wrap option.

0.14     2012-02-23  Released-By: SHARYANTO

         [NEW FEATURES]

         - Automatically convert metadata v1.0 to v1.1. Finally all the old
           Sub::Spec specs are now usable again.

0.13     2012-02-22  Released-By: SHARYANTO

         [NEW FEATURES]

         - Sah schemas in 'args' and 'result' are now normalized in the new
           metadata, this is to make it simpler for other code to use the schema
           (e.g. Perinci-Access when completing args). New metadata is now a
           deep clone of the old (instead of just a shallow copy), this might
           increase memory usage.

0.12     2012-02-15  Released-By: SHARYANTO


         - Remove 'force' argument. wrap_sub() still mark wrapping by blessing
           the generated wrapper, but will gladly double wrap. I believe caching
           should be done in the upper layers.

0.11     2012-02-13  Released-By: SHARYANTO


         - Add tweak to work better with 'retry' property wrapper.

0.10     2012-02-13  Released-By: SHARYANTO

         [NEW FEATURES]

         - Add wrap option 'compile'.

0.09     2012-02-13  Released-By: SHARYANTO

         [BUG FIXES]

         - Fix indenting in generated code.

0.08     2012-02-12  Released-By: SHARYANTO

         [BUG FIXES]

         - Convert keys are now respected even though meta does not have that

0.07     2012-02-12  Released-By: SHARYANTO

         - Add (or re-enable) unshift_lines()

         - Extract test routine to Test::Perinci::Sub::Wrapper to make it usable
           from other Perinci-Sub-property-* distributions.

0.06     2012-02-12  Released-By: SHARYANTO

         - Rename distribution from Sub-Spec-Wrapper to Perinci-Sub-Wrapper.

0.05     2012-01-21  Released-By: SHARYANTO

         - No functional changes. Mark Sub-Spec-Wrapper deprecated.

0.04     2011-10-19  Released-By: SHARYANTO

         - No functional changes. Add missing dependency to
           Sub::Spec::ConvertArgs::Array [thanks cpant & Andreas].

0.03     2011-09-22  Released-By: SHARYANTO


         - Support 'args_as' spec clause (hash/hashref/array/arrayref supported,
           but object not yet).

0.02     2011-08-31  Released-By: SHARYANTO

         - Build and POD fixes.

0.01     2011-08-31  Released-By: SHARYANTO

         - First release.