Perinci::Object::Metadata - Base class for Perinci::Object metadata classes


This document describes version 0.311 of Perinci::Object::Metadata (from Perl distribution Perinci-Object), released on 2020-01-02.


new => obj


v => float

Get version.

as_struct => hash

Get underlying data structure.

type => str

Return type (e.g. function, package).

langprop([ \%opts, ]$prop[, $new_value])

Get or set property value in the specified language (i.e., either in prop or prop.alt.lang.XXX properties).

Known options:

  • lang => STR

    Defaults to metadata's default_lang (which in turns default to en_US if unspecified).

  • mark_different_lang => BOOL (defaults to 1)

    If set to true, text with different language than the language requested will be marked, e.g. "I love you" requested in Indonesian language where the value for that language is unavailable will result in "{en_US I love you}" being returned.

name([ $new_value ]) => $value

Get or set name property. Will call langprop().

summary([ $new_value ]) => $value

Get or set summary property. Will call langprop().

description([ $new_value ]) => $value

Get or set description property. Will call langprop().

caption([ $new_value ]) => $value

Get or set caption property. Will call langprop().


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