0.620   2017-12-09 (PERLANCAR)

	- Replace SHARYANTO::Array::Util with String::Util::Match.

0.61    2017-07-10 (PERLANCAR)

	- No functional changes.

	- Replace Log::Any with Log::ger.

0.60    2016-03-16 (PERLANCAR)

	- No functional changes.

	- Replace JSON with JSON::MaybeXS.

0.59    2015-09-03 (PERLANCAR)

	- No functional changes.

	- [dist] Move spec prereqs from RuntimeRequires to
	  DevelopRecommends to reduce deps but still allow indicating spec

0.58    2015-04-14 (PERLANCAR)

	- Tweak/fix dependencies in dist.ini [CT].

0.57    2015-04-12 (PERLANCAR)

	- Split peri-htserve CLI to App-PerinciUtils distribution.

0.56    2015-01-03 (PERLANCAR)

	- No functional changes.

	- Rebuild (Generate TODO.md).

0.55    2014-11-07 (PERLANCAR)

	- Use clone_and_clean() for cleaning results instead of clean_in_place()
          for safety, function might return references to persistent object/data
          etc (e.g. for debugging) that we don't want to clean.

0.54    2014-10-24 (PERLANCAR)

	- Only base64-encode binary result when formatting as JSON, as the
	  other formats are binary safe.

0.53    2014-10-23 (PERLANCAR)

	- No functional changes.

	- Bugfix: forgot to use module.

0.52    2014-10-23 (PERLANCAR)

	- Add Riap 1.2 support (decoding of base64-encoded arguments,
	  encoding of binary result, adding of riap.v attribute in result

0.51     2014-09-06 (PERLANCAR)

         - No functional changes.

         - Adjust to Perinci::Sub::Wrapper (_perinci.sub.wrapper.validate_* is
           now renamed).

0.50     2014-07-22 (SHARYANTO)

         - Switch CLI scripts from using Perinci::CmdLine to
           Perinci::CmdLine::Any to reduce size of dependencies.

0.49     2014-07-04 (SHARYANTO)


         - peri-htserve: Change syntax of adding package from "Foo::Bar,noload"
           (ugly) to "+Foo::Bar".


         - peri-htserve: Add hints showing API-endpoint URLs.

         - peri-htserve: Option -m, -M, -I now order-aware (using

0.48     2014-07-03 (SHARYANTO)

         - peri-htserve: Add options -m & -M.

         - peri-htserve: Allow ',noload' suffix to module, to allow specifying a
           package and not loading the module (just so it is allowed to be

0.47     2014-06-20 (SHARYANTO)

         [BUG FIXES]

         - Instead of using Perinci::Result::Format's $Enable_Cleansing, do
           response cleansing ourselves because we'll need it somewhere else
           e.g. in access log.

0.46     2014-06-20 (SHARYANTO)

         - peri-htserve: Add options --gepok-start-servers, --metadb (for

0.45     2014-06-11 (SHARYANTO)

         - No functional changes.

         - Second attempt at localizing setting -env.

0.44     2014-06-11 (SHARYANTO)

         - No functinal changes.

         - Forgot to set JSON's allow_blessed & convert_blessed. D'oh.

0.43     2014-06-11 (SHARYANTO)


         - PeriAHS::LogAccess middleware: stringify Perl objects when logging,
           to avoid JSON throwing exceptions when encountering objects (either
           in arguments or function results).

         - PeriAHS::Respond middleware: set -env locally so it doesn't interfere
           with other modules, e.g. LogAccess (getting blessed refs).

0.42     2014-06-11 (SHARYANTO)

         [NEW FEATURES]

         - PeriAHS::Respond middleware: Add configuration 'pass_psgi_env'

         [BUG FIXES]

         - Fix logic bug that sets port to default 80/443.

0.41     2014-04-30 (SHARYANTO)

         - No functional changes.

         - Adjust to Perinci::Access::Perl 0.66 (extra_wrapper_convert renamed
           to set_function_properties).

0.40     2014-04-16 (SHARYANTO)

         - Skip logging detail information (args & resp) for unimportant actions
           (currently: list, info, meta) to reduce clutter.

0.39     2014-03-26 (SHARYANTO)

         [BUG FIXES]

         - Don't let match_uri override 'uri' request key specified through
           'X-Riap-Uri' header.

0.38     2014-03-26 (SHARYANTO)

         [BUG FIXES]

         - PeriAHS::ParseRequest middleware: riap_uri_prefix must be prepended
           before we do special handling for PHP clients.

0.37     2014-03-21 (SHARYANTO)

         - PeriAHS::ParseRequest middleware: add 'match_uri_errmsg'
           configuration to show custom error message.

0.36     2013-12-21 (SHARYANTO)

         - Support Riap::HTTP 1.1.22.

         - bin/peri-htserve: Add option --noenable-logging.

         - PeriAHS::Respond middleware: add enable_logging configuration to
           allow server to not support logging.

0.35     2013-12-20 (SHARYANTO)

	 - For security, default Riap client used changed from Perinci::Access
           to Perinci::Access::Schemeless so the Riap server cannot be used to
           fetch remote URI's.

         - bin/peri-htserve: Set 'allow_paths' of Riap client so users don't see
           paths of other modules not specified in cmdline argument.

         - Add example scripts: perl-any.psgi and perl-some.psgi.

0.34     2013-11-27 (SHARYANTO)

	 - No functional changes. Adjust to newer Perinci::Access::Perl 0.55+.

0.33     2013-11-12 (SHARYANTO)

 	 - No functional changes. Rebuild to fix t/00-compile.t generated by
	   older DZP::Test::Compile (2.019 < x < 2.033).

0.32     2013-10-15 (SHARYANTO)

         - Use Data::Clean::FromJSON because JSON creates JSON::{PP,XS}::Boolean
           objects that currently trip Data::Sah-generated validator code.

0.31     2013-09-16 (SHARYANTO)

         - No functional changes. Replace Perinci::Access::InProcess with ::Perl
           and ::Schemeless.

0.30     2013-09-06 (SHARYANTO)


         - ParseRequest: Add deconfuse_php_clients & php_clients_ua_re to handle
           PHP clients which often send {} instead of [] (or vice versa) due to
           both being Array() in PHP. The server can now convert argument value
           [] to {} if the function expects a hash, or {} to [] if the function
           expects an array.

         - peri-htserve: Add --user and --password option to test giving HTTP
           auth (not yet working? user/pass entered -> unauthorized)

0.29     2013-07-06 (SHARYANTO)


         - Push data cleansing one layer down to Perinci::Result::Format (see
           that module for more details).


         - Turn off Text::ANSITable stuffs that make text-pretty format looks
           nice in terminals but ugly in browser (UNICODE, COLOR, BOX_CHARS)

0.28     2013-04-04 (SHARYANTO)

         - This release contains enhancements for self-discoverability,
           especially for command-line browser (e.g. curl).


         - Default action for package entity is now 'list' instead of 'call'.

         - Add text tips on text responses (along with new ParseRequest
           configurations: riap_uri_prefix, server_{host,port,path},

0.27     2013-04-04 (SHARYANTO)


         - Under marklog' Riap request turned on, the server now sends log
           messages and Riap response in a new encoding (now uses 'l'/'r' +
           <number-of-bytes> + ' ' + <data> instead of just 'L'/'R' + <data>)
           since the old encoding is unreliable due to HTTP chunks is not 1:1
           depending on the PSGI server used.

         - (Temporarily?) requires the correct/updated Riap::HTTP client:
           Perinci::Access::HTTP::Client 0.07.

0.26     2013-03-15 (SHARYANTO)

         [BUG FIXES]

         - Log $env->{REMOTE_USER} instead of $env->{HTTP_USER} (typo).

0.25     2013-03-08 (SHARYANTO)

         - LogAccess middleware: Support logging to objects which have write(),
           like File::Write::Rotate (in addition to objects which have
           syswrite() and log()).

         - peri-htserve: Use File::Write::Rotate for Riap access log instead of
           plain filehandle (to support self-rotation of log files).

0.24     2013-03-07 (SHARYANTO)

         - No functional changes.

         [BUG FIXES]

         - Avoid perl undef warning when uri/action Riap keys are not defined.

0.23     2013-03-01 (SHARYANTO)

         [BUG FIXES]

         - Avoid sending colored YAML/JSON output.

0.22     2013-03-01 (SHARYANTO)


         - Add support for reform (parse_reform argument), currently untested.

         - Add --parse-{path-info,reform,form} options to peri-htserve.

         [BUG FIXES]

         - Only match URI against match_uri if match_uri is set.

         - Several other minor fixes to code/doc.


         - Add example scripts (auth.psgi, authz.psgi).

0.21     2012-08-10 (SHARYANTO)

         - No functional changes. Update dependencies.

0.20     2012-08-03 (SHARYANTO)

         - No functional changes. Replace
           Perinci::Sub::property::result_postfilter with Data::Clean::JSON
           (works better, less wasteful code generation if there are hundreds+
           of functions).

0.19     2012-08-03 (SHARYANTO)

         - Third time's the charm to work around PAUSE, now uses Module::Patch.

         - Fix srvinfo action, fmt was empty.

0.18     2012-08-03 (SHARYANTO)

         - No functional changes. Try again.

0.17     2012-08-03 (SHARYANTO)

         - No functional changes. Reupload to work around PAUSE (erronous)
           version checking.

0.16     2012-08-02 (SHARYANTO)

         - peri-htserve: Add --library (-I).

0.15     2012-08-02 (SHARYANTO)

         - Update to Rinci 1.1.10 (rename scheme pm -> pl).

         - Support passing transaction options to Perinci::Access::InProcess.

         - A couple other fixes.

0.14     2012-04-03 (SHARYANTO)

         - No functional changes. Small fixes and tweaks, e.g. respect 'Accept'
           request header, require at least one module in 'peri-htserve', etc.

0.13     2012-03-30 (SHARYANTO)

         - Rename distribution from Sub-Spec-HTTP-Server to
           Perinci-Access-HTTP-Server. Follow Riap 1.1 specification.

         - Rename/refactor some middlewares.

         - Rename script from 'servepm' to 'peri-htserve'.

         - Formatting now uses Perinci::Result::Format.

         - Can log Riap access log to file or a
           IO::Handle-/Log::Dispatch::Output-like object.

0.12     2012-01-20 (SHARYANTO)

         - No functional changes. Mark deprecation.

0.11     2011-10-28 (SHARYANTO)

         - No functional changes. Better error messages when module and/or sub
           is not specified in URL.

0.10     2011-10-24 (SHARYANTO)


         - serverpm: Support Starman.

0.09     2011-10-24 (SHARYANTO)


         - Add a simple command-line front-end 'servepm'


         - Rename 'allowable_*' middleware configs to 'allowed_*'.

         [BUG FIXES]

         - Require latest Log::Any::Adapter::Callback to properly filter log
           messages according to client-specified level.

         - Some other fixes.

0.08     2011-10-05 (SHARYANTO)


         - Support JSONP (using the common http://host/blah?callback=funcName,
           as supported by jQuery).

0.07     2011-09-01 (SHARYANTO)


         - To set SS request variables via HTTP header, now use 'X-SS-Req-xxxxx'
           instead of 'X-SS-xxxxx'.

         - Output format 'php' becomes 'phps'.


         - To set SS request variables via HTTP form variables, use

         - Implement 'about' command.

         - Implement 'list_subs' command.

         - Implement 'spec command.

         - Implement 'usage' command.


         - now uses Sub::Spec::URI so can be set as a proxy (access another
           remote sub).


         - Specification formalized, separated into Sub-Spec-HTTP.

         - Various fixes.

0.06     2011-08-20 (SHARYANTO)


         - Web server portion refactored out into separate distribution (Gepok).
           Now PSGI-based and more modular, each phase (e.g. request parsing,
           module loading, authorization, command execution, etc) separated as
           middleware. Some commands not yet implemented (help, spec, etc). No
           tests yet.

0.05     2011-06-17 (SHARYANTO)

         - No functional changes. Extract SHARYANTO:: modules to

0.04     2011-05-31 (SHARYANTO)

         [BUG FIXES]

         - fix code order to make sure we send chunked response when
           X-SS-Mark-Chunk or X-SS-Log-Level request header is set to true

0.03     2011-05-25 (SHARYANTO)

         [BUG FIXES]

         - remove unneeded use statement (Data::Dump::Partial &
           Data::Dump::OneLine) [cpantesters]


         - do not log response content on help request, to reduce log size.

0.02     2011-05-20 (SHARYANTO)

         [BUG FIXES]

         - before_prefork() didn't get called.

         - (build) Add missing dep: HTTP::Request::AsCGI

         - Lots of other small fixes in code & POD.

0.01     2011-05-19 (SHARYANTO)

         - First release.