* todo
** TODO proper escaping
** TODO handle conflict in translation of target -> anchor
** TODO parse per-file options (12.2 Export options)
 #+TITLE:       the title to be shown (default is the buffer name)
 #+AUTHOR:      the author (default taken from user-full-name)
 #+DATE:        a date, fixed, or a format string for format-time-string
 #+EMAIL:       his/her email address (default from user-mail-address)
 #+DESCRIPTION: the page description, e.g. for the XHTML meta tag

and so on.
** TODO template
** TODO option to split output into several files
** TODO per-file html navigation
** table
*** TODO export TableVLine
*** TODO adjust width based on first row's width definition
*** TODO adjust td align based on first row's alignment
*** TODO table caption
Get it from settings:

 #+CAPTION: A long table
 #+LABEL: tbl:long

or we can also wait until Org parser does this for us.

** block
*** TODO parse block options
** TODO footnote
** link
*** TODO proper translation of Org links into HTML links
** list
*** TODO set bullet style