Org::Element - Base class for Org document elements


This document describes version 0.555 of Org::Element (from Perl distribution Org-Parser), released on 2021-06-27.


 # Don't use directly, use the other Org::Element::* classes.


This is the base class for all the other Org element classes.


document => DOCUMENT

Link to document object. Elements need this to access file-wide settings, properties, etc.

parent => undef | ELEMENT

Link to parent element. Undef if this element is the root element.

children => undef | ARRAY_OF_ELEMENTS


$el->children_as_string() => STR

Return a concatenation of children's as_string(), or "" if there are no children.

$el->as_string() => STR

Return the string representation of element. The default implementation will just use _str (if defined) concatenated with children_as_string().

$el->seniority => INT

Find out the ranking of brothers/sisters of all sibling. If we are the first child of parent, return 0. If we are the second child, return 1, and so on.

$el->prev_sibling() => ELEMENT | undef

$el->next_sibling() => ELEMENT | undef

$el->extra_walkables => LIST

Return extra walkable elements. The default is to return an empty list, but some elements can have this, for Org::Element::Headline's title is also a walkable element.


Call CODEREF for node and all descendent nodes (and extra walkables), depth-first. Code will be given the element object as argument.


Find subelements. CRITERIA can be a word (e.g. 'Headline' meaning of class 'Org::Element::Headline') or a class name ('Org::Element::ListItem') or a coderef (which will be given the element to test). Will return matched elements.


Run CODEREF for parent, and its parent, and so on until the root element (the document), or until CODEREF returns a false value. CODEREF will be supplied ($el, $parent). Will return the last parent walked.

$el->headline() => ELEMENT

Get current headline. Return undef if element is not under any headline.

$el->headlines() => ELEMENTS

Get current headline (in the first element of the result list), its parent, its parent's parent, and so on until the topmost headline. Return empty list if element is not under any headline.

$el->field_name() => STR

Try to extract "field name", being defined as either some text on the left side:

 DEADLINE: <2011-06-09 >

or a description term in a description list:

 - wedding anniversary :: <2011-06-10 >


Remove element from the tree. Basically just remove the element from its parent.


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