Revision history for Perl extension Net::Blogger.

1.03 2020-10-19
    - Mark deprecated

1.02 Mon Sep 25 19:08:45 2006
    - Fixed META.yml to make CPANTS happy.

1.01 Fri Dec 2 18:10:35 2005
    - Added pod coverages, spelling, and syntex tests
    - Added META.yml to MANIFEST
    - Added metaWeblog.getRecentPosts to Userland::metaWeblog API

1.0	 - Fri Dec 02, 2005

	 - The Nothing Special release - it's just been 4 years
	   and Blogger is finally doing the 2.0/Atom thing for
	   real :

	   I think we can call it 1.0, don't you?

	 - Respect $ENV{http_proxy} (RT ticket 8580)

	 - Updated POD

	 - Replace ExtUtils::MakeMaker with Module::Build

         - Pass maintainership on to CLACO

0.87	 - Tue Feb 10, 2004

	 - Added NOTES concerning content-negotiation (RT bug
	   #2615) and the Atom API

	 - Updated POD

0.86	 - Tue Jul 15 2003

	 - Blessed as 0.86

	 - Wondered whether to bless it as 1.0 now that Pyra/Google
	   has said they're no longer actively developing the API.
	   Time enough for that, I guess...

0.86_02	 - Mon Jul 14 2003

	 - Added support for the getRecentPostTitles() and
           publishPost() methods in

	 - Added fix to regex(p) in used to
	   determine parent API engine to make 'warnings' shut
	   up. (thanks andi!)

	 - Added more error reporting to t/00-basic.t

	 - Updated POD

0.86_01	 - Wed May 22 2003

	 - Updated POD in ::Userland::metaWeblog to indicated
	   required 'postid' for editPost()

	 - Fixed typo in

	 - Added [y/n] to ask_yesno() prompt in 00-basic.t

	 - (props to Morbus Iff for pointing most of these things
	   out to me)

0.85	 - Wed Feb 05 2003

	 - Fixed struct/hash bugs in when passing
	   arguments to SOAP::Lite (props to mystery rt.cpan user
	   for the bug report)

	 - Updated methods to accept hash references where appropriate

	 - Removed CHANGES from individual POD files because it was
	   just a pain in the ass to keep track of that kind of thing
	   in more than one place.

	 - Replaced with t/00-basic.t

	 - Updated POD (and sure everything returns OK w/ podchecker)

0.8.4	 - Fri Jan 10 2003

	 - Added support for the metaWeblog.newMediaObject method

	 - Updated POD

0.8.3	 - Mon Sep 23 2002

	 - Updated docs and POD (props to a nice person name 'rho'
	   who was good enough to carefully read the docs and submit
	   bug reports)

0.8.2	 - Mon Sep 02 2002

	 - Added support for the metaWeblog API to the Manila engine

	 - Modified Net::Blogger::Engine::Blogger to allow
	   user-defined Proxy URI

	 - Updated Net::Blogger::Engine::Base to undef _client only
	   when a new Proxy is defined

	 - Updated Net::Blogger::Engine::Userland to undef _client
	   when a new Proxy is defined

	 - Moved $pkg->metaWeblog from

	 - Updated POD

0.8.1	 - Thu Jun 17 2002

	 - Added support for the mt.getTrackbackPings method in

0.8	 - Fri May 31 2002

	 - Added Net::Blogger::Engine::Slash and

	 - Added check_* methods to Net::Blogger::API::Core

	 - Added calls to check_* methods, to Engine::* files where

	 - Removed left-over deletePost method from (gah!)

	 - Added modules required by to Makefile.PL

	 - Added &Net::Blogger::Engine::Userland::BlogId to ensure
	   that blogid contains a trailing slash.

	 - Updated POD

0.7	 - Sat May 04 2002

	 - Added hooks to Net::Blogger::Engine::Base::_Type to deal with
	   arrays and hashes correctly

	 - Updated POD in Net::Blogger::Engine::Movabletype::mt

0.7_b1	 - Sat May 04 2002

	 - Added support for the metaWeblog API in the MovableType

	 - Added support for the mt (MovableType) API in the MovableType

	 - Added hooks in Net::Blogger::Base to filter changes to login
	   data in a parent engine to child APIs

	 - Added hooks in Net::Blogger::Engine::Userland::metaWeblog to
	   catch calls to methods not supported by the Movabletype engine.

	 - Added quotes to $VERSION in all packages.

	 - Updated POD in

	 - Upped version requirement for SOAP::Lite to 0.55

0.6.3	 - Mon Apr 15 2002

	 - Went through all the packages and fixed POD errors (ugh.)	 - Sun Apr 14 2002

	 - No changes. But, since I uploaded the current codebase
	   to the CPAN as v, I decided to upload a new
	   version with a new version number just to keep everyone
           on first.

   Updated POD


   Added support for the UserLand metaWeblog API in
   the RadioUserLand engine


   Bugs fixes in Blogger::Engine::Base


   Moved most of the code in to Blogger::API::Core,
   Blogger::API::Extended, Blogger::Engine::Base and

   Replaced use of Frontier::Client with XMLRPC::Lite
   (in Blogger::Engine::Base)

   Updated POD


   Modified internals to load implementation specific
   subclass based on the engine argument passed to
   the constructor. Props to Simon Kittles for the
   smack upside the head about the right way to do
   this :-)

   Updated POD.


   Added Blogger API getPost method.

   Updated POD.

   Added BLOGGER_PROXY constant.

   Added Proxy and MaxPostPostLength
   accessors for corresponding constants. Previously,
   these values were either read from a scalar
   constant or an AUTOLOAD method. The change allows
   [insert blogger-mimicking interface here]
   subclasses to override the methods and specify an
   approriate value.

   Updated POD


    Added Blogger API getRecentPosts method.

    Updated POD

   Clarified a few error messages;

   Fixed remaining instances of
   "Error::Simple->record() and return0. in


    Added use of

    Added LastError method.

    Wrapped Frontier::Client method calls in eval
    statements to prevent unnecessary die-ing.

    Added stub function and methods calls for
    private _TrimPostBody method.

    Changed return value of PostFromFile to
    (boolean, array)

    Updated POD.


    Made sure all methods begin with title


    Added private _Encode method. Code courtesy of
    Matt Sergeant's script. Someone, give this
    guy a YAS grant.

    Added --tail flag to PostFromFile method.

    Fixed a bug in _PostInChunks method where I
    would end up subscripting outside of the string.


     Added idiot-level escaping of entities in
     newPost and editPost methods. Duh.


     Switched to named-based pair arguments.

     Added Blogger API deletePost method.

     Added the PostFromFile method. Experimental

     Changed MAX_POSTLENGTH constant.

     Updated POD


     Updated POD


     Added the Blogger API getTemplate and setTemplate

     Added the _PostInChunks method.

     Changed the order in which parameters are passed to

     Changed the return value of both the Blogger API
     newPost and editPost methods.


     Added the Blogger API getUsersBlogs and editPost

     Adde the GetBlogId method.

     Removed the Publish method.

     Modifed the Blogger API newPost method to accept the
     option to publish.


     Initial setup.

     Added the constructor methods.

     Added the Blogger API newPost method.

     Added the Publish method.