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Changes for version 1.0.13 - 2021-07-21

    • [removed] Remove support for "PROP(LANG)" syntax, to make DefHash rules simpler and more orthogonal. This must now be written as "PROP.alt.lang.LANG".
    • Change alt combination rule. Previously, when multiple alt subjects are specified, for example lang=id_ID and env=cmdline, it must be written as "PROP.alt.env_lang.cmdline.id_ID". It is now changed to either "PROP.alt.env.cmdline.lang.id_ID" or "PROP.alt.lang.id_ID.env.cmdline". Implementations are free to do a first-match when getting the property's value.
    • Make it clear that uppercase letters are acceptable in property/attribute name. Tweak the regexes.
    • Mention implementations.


Define things according to a specification, using hashes