Data::Sah::Compiler::human - Compile Sah schema to human language


This document describes version 0.910 of Data::Sah::Compiler::human (from Perl distribution Data-Sah), released on 2021-08-01.



This class is derived from Data::Sah::Compiler. It generates human language text.



new() => OBJ

$c->compile(%args) => RESULT

Aside from base class' arguments, this class supports these arguments (suffix * denotes required argument):

  • format => STR (default: inline_text)

    Format of text to generate. Either inline_text, inline_err_text, or markdown. Note that you can easily convert Markdown to HTML, there are libraries in Perl, JavaScript, etc to do that.

    Sample inline_text output:

     integer, must satisfy all of the following: (divisible by 3, at least 10)

    inline_err_text is just like inline_text, except geared towards producing an error message. Currently, instead of producing "integer" from schema "int", it produces "Not of type integer". The rest is identical.

    Sample markdown output:

     integer, must satisfy all of the following:
     * divisible by 3
     * at least 10
  • hash_values => hash

    Optional, supply more keys to hash value to sprintfn which will be used during compilation.

Compilation data

This subclass adds the following compilation data ($cd).

Keys which contain compilation state:

Keys which contain compilation result:


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