0.060   2020-01-29  Released-By: PERLANCAR; Urgency: high

	- Adjust to Complete::Bash 0.333 ('as' moved to option/second
	  argument) [RT#131586].

0.05    2016-10-21  Released-By: PERLANCAR

        - [Removed] Remove parse_cmdline() because this function has no use.
          fish does not offer COMP_LINE or COMMAND_LINE mechanism like in bash
          or tcsh.

0.04    2015-09-09  Released-By: PERLANCAR

	- No functional changes.

	- [dist] Move spec prereqs from RuntimeRequires to
	  DevelopRecommends to reduce deps but still allow indicating spec

0.03    2014-11-29  Released-By: PERLANCAR

        - Add parse_cmdline().

0.02    2014-11-29  Released-By: PERLANCAR

	- [ux] Insert empty description so fish doesn't show summary from
	  'complete -d' for every item, I think this is the nicer default.

0.01    2014-11-29  Released-By: PERLANCAR

        - First version with implementation.

0.00    2014-07-02  Released-By: SHARYANTO

        - First release, not implemented yet.