Color::Theme - Color theme structure

    This document describes version 0.10.1 of Color::Theme (from Perl
    distribution Color-Theme), released on 2018-02-25.

    This module specifies a structure for color themes. The distribution
    also comes with utility routines and roles for managing color themes in

    Color theme is a DefHash containing these keys: "v" (float, should be
    1.1), "name" (str), "summary" (str), "no_color" (bool, should be set to
    1 if this is a color theme without any colors), and "colors" (hash, the
    colors for items; hash keys are item names and hash values are color

    A color value should be a scalar containing a single color code which is
    6-hexdigit RGB color (e.g. "ffc0c0"), or a hashref containing multiple
    color codes, or a coderef which should produce a color code (or a hash
    of color codes).

    Multiple color codes are used to support foreground/background values or
    ANSI color codes that are not representable by RGB, among other things.
    The keys are: "fg" (RGB value for foreground), "bg" (RGB value for
    background), "ansi_fg" (ANSI color escape code for foreground),
    "ansi_bg" (ANSI color escape code for background). Future keys like
    "css" can be defined.

    Allowing coderef as color allows for flexibility, e.g. for doing
    gradation border color, random color, etc. See, for example,
    Text::ANSITable::ColorTheme::Demo. Code will be called with "($self,
    %args)" where %args contains various information, like "name" (the item
    name being requested), etc. In Text::ANSITable, you can get the row
    position from "$self->{_draw}{y}".

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    to an existing test-file that illustrates the bug or desired feature.

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