setop - Set operations (union, intersection, difference, symmetric diff) on lines of files


This document describes version 0.122 of setop (from Perl distribution App-setop), released on 2019-07-03.


 setop [OPTION]... FILE FILE ...


 % setop --union file1 file2 file3 ;# combine files, duplicate lines removed, order preserved
 % setop --intersect file1 file2 file3; # show lines common in all three files
 % setop --diff <(ls /path1) <(ls /path2) ;# show lines in /path1 not in /path2


setop treats files as a sets of lines, and performs operations between the sets.


0 on success.

255 on I/O error.

99 on command-line options error.


  • --help, -h

    Show help message and exit.

  • --version, -v

    Show version and exit.

  • --op=S

    Pick operation. Known operations are: union (return lines from the first file and others, duplicate lines removed [even duplicates from the same file], order preserved), intersect (return common lines found in every file, order preserved), diff (return lines found in the first file but not the second, duplicate removed, order preserved), symdiff (short for "symetric difference", return lines found in either file but not both, duplicate removed, order preserved), cross (short for "cross product", produce cross product from lines from each file).

  • --union

    Shortcut for --op union.

  • --intersect

    Shortcut for --op intersect.

  • --diff

    Shortcut for --op diff.

  • --symdiff

    Shortcut for --op symdiff.

  • --cross

    Shortcut for --op cross.

  • --ignore-case, -i

  • --ignore-all-space, -w

  • --glue=s

    Glue character to use to combine lines when operation is cross.

  • --skip-chars=i

    Number of characters to skip when comparing, much like the same option in uniq command.

    Currently this is only implemented for diff operation.

  • --check-chars=i

    Number of characters to check when comparing, much like the same option in uniq command.

    Currently this is only implemented for diff operation.


I first wrote fileop in Ruby in 2003, since Ruby has nice + and - operators for arrays.

Rewrote in Perl in 2014. Script renamed to setop, changed command-line options a bit, now preserves order of lines.


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