Changes for version 0.004 - 2020-01-03

  • new
    • Add utilities match-with-regexp-pattern, rpgrep.
  • script get-regexp-pattern-pattern
    • Enable use_utf8 flag in Perinci::CmdLine to avoid 'Wide character in print' warning when regexp contains non-ASCII characters. [GH#1].
  • script list-regexp-pattern-patterns
    • Add 'tags' field.
    • Rename 'dynamic_args' field to 'gen_args'.
  • internal
    • Move get-regexp-pattern-pattern and list-regexp-pattern-modules implementation to App::RegexpPatternUtils.
    • Replace PERLANCAR::Module::List with Module::List::Tiny.


Get a Regexp::Pattern::* pattern
List all installed Regexp::Pattern::* modules
List Regexp::Pattern::* patterns
Match a string against a Regexp::Pattern pattern
Print lines matching a Regexp::Pattern pattern
Show declaration from Regexp::Pattern::* module


CLI utilities related to Regexp::Pattern