perfSONAR_PS::Error_compat - A module that provides a transition between a full on exceptions framework for perfSONAR PS and having each service specify explicitly the eventType and description.


This module provides a simple method for throwing exceptions that look similar to how eventType/description messages used to be propogated.


  # if an error occurs, perfSONAR_PS objects should throw an error eg
  sub openDB {
    my $handle = undef;
    $handle = DBI->connect( ... )
          or throw perfSONAR_PS::Error_compat( "", "Could not connect to database: " . $DBI::errstr . "\n" );
        return $handle;

  ### ###
  # in the calling code
  my $dbh = undef;
  try {
    $dbh = &openDB();
  catch perfSONAR_PS::Error_compat with {
    # print the contents of the error object (the string)
    print "An error occur: ".$@->eventType."/".$@->errorMessage."\n";
  otherwise {
    # some other error occured!
    print "Some unknown error occurred! $@\n";
  finally {
    print "Done!\n"'
  # don't forget the trailing ';'


perfSONAR_PS::Services::Base, perfSONAR_PS::Services::MA::General, perfSONAR_PS::Common, perfSONAR_PS::Messages, perfSONAR_PS::Transport, perfSONAR_PS::Client::Status::MA, perfSONAR_PS::Client::Topology::MA

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Aaron Brown,


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