use perfSONAR_PS::Error;

our $VERSION = 0.09;

=head1 NAME

perfSONAR_PS::Error::MP - A module that provides the measurement point 
exceptions framework for perfSONAR PS


This module provides the measurement point exception objects

=head1 API


=head2 perfSONAR_PS::Error::MP

General exceptions for MP's; all following objects derive from this.

package perfSONAR_PS::Error::MP;
use base "perfSONAR_PS::Error";

=head2 perfSONAR_PS::Error::MP::Configuration

Configuration errors for the MP, such as invalid configuration, unparseable 
configuration etc.

package perfSONAR_PS::Error::MP::Configuration;
use base "perfSONAR_PS::Error::Common::Configuration";


Scheduling errors for the MP, such as the inability to schedule a test, test
schedule is not valid etc.

package perfSONAR_PS::Error::MP::Scheduler;
use base "perfSONAR_PS::Error::MP";

=head2 perfSONAR_PS::Error::MP::Agent

Errors from the agents performing the test, typically low level system problems
such as command not found, or unparseable output etc.

package perfSONAR_PS::Error::MP::Agent;
use base "perfSONAR_PS::Error::MP";


=head1 SEE ALSO

L<Exporter>, L<Error::Simple>

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=head1 VERSION


=head1 AUTHOR

Yee-Ting Li <>

=head1 LICENSE

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Copyright (c) 2004-2007, Internet2 and the University of Delaware

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