Revision history for Perl module Lingua::Stem::Patch

0.06 2015-02-13
 - Added stemming rule to unabbreviate Esperanto ’st- and 'st- to est- #eo

0.05 2014-09-30
 - Remove 1-letter suffixes from 4-letter Polish words instead of just 5-letter
   words and greater, for example `kota` and `koty` are now both stemmed to `kot`
   #pl [issue #1]

0.04 2014-08-29
 - Added new Polish language stemmer (first on CPAN) #pl

0.03 2014-07-16
 - Added participle stemming exceptions for words in the Fundamento #eo
 - Added participle suffix removal instead of normalization when aggressive #eo
 - Added stemming exceptions for article and pronouns #io
 - Added stemming rules for pronouns, participle adjectives, -ab- verbs #io

0.02 2014-07-13
 - Added aggressive stemmers which remove the entire suffix #eo #io
 - Added stemming exceptions for all standalone root words #eo
 - Added stemming rules for correlatives, -en adverbs, unuj, l’ #eo

0.01 2014-06-05
 - First release
 - Languages supported: Esperanto (eo), Ido (io)